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Being a property owner is not an easy thing as this comes with a huge responsibility. The question here is not only about repaying the loan but it is also about how to safeguard the property from encroachment. Of course, there is a legal route to get back the property from the encroachers but it’s better to follow the famous saying that prevention is better than cure.

So, here in this blog post, we are letting you know the tips to protect property from encroachment.

  1. Be a regular Visitor

Many people make property investment and have a laid back attitude when it comes to visiting the property. This is the biggest loophole that encourages and strengthens the idea of taking over an asset by the encroachers. The non-regular visitor is not familiar with the neighbours and other caretakers of the society or the township. Thus, no one hardly cares about how is occupying the unit. All this results in the encroachment of the property you owned by investing the hard-earned money.

So, the one big thing to understand is your duty to visit the property frequently and being a known face in the locality to prevent property encroachment.

  1. Keep Property Documents Carefully

The property papers are the biggest proof of being an owner. Hence, keep the documents like power and water bills along with the receipts carefully. Apart from this, file the registry papers and other important documents in a folder. Also, make sure to keep all the paperwork up-to-date as it reflects you as the actual property holder. Also, the loss of any important documents should be bought to the notice of the police and should be looked for until it is found.

All this safeguard the property from encroachers.

  1. Stay Alert

Apart from making a regular visit to the property, you should also keep a tab on the developments that take place around the property. Take notice of any suspicious activity nearby and don’t hesitate from asking the neighbours about the same. Also, we suggest questioning to the concerned person in case he/she tries to take your property into its vicinity.

This is a smart way to curb the chance of your property encroachment.

  1. Construct a Fence/Put a Name Plate

You are recommended to build a fence around the property in case of a plot and placing of a name on the door if you own an apartment/flat. This is an ideal way to protect property from encroachers as almost everyone around will know that this property belongs to you and thus no one else can construct or reside in the premises without your consent.

The Specific Relief Act, 1963, and the Criminal Procedure Code are the legal route to get the property back but keeping all the above-things in mind and stay secure from the encroachers.