Child Friendly HomeEvery person wishes to own residential property for the family but the young parents must focus on buying a child-friendly home to avoid mishaps. The Indian real estate market has also adapted the concept of theme-based home and thus the home buyers have plenty of options to choose from. So, if you are also a young couple and are expecting a little bundle of joy then here are tips to consider for buying a child-friendly home.

1. Install Baby Gate – Children are at a maximum-risk of falling from the stairs and get hurt. So, a get a baby gate installed at the staircase and other areas like a porch with a pathway to enter the garden area. This is the first tip to design a child-friendly home.

2. Fencing around the Pool – Toddlers are too innocent to understand safety and thus buying child-friendly residential unit is your responsibility. However, a property owner can turn the current housing unit into a child-friendly property by installing a fence around the pool or lying of a pool cover also restrict children from entering the pool without any supervision.

3. Cover Electrical Outlets – Covering all electrical outlets is an important tip to own a child-friendly home. The MVC box usually has an easy to open door but the children are that risk with easy to access power sockets. So, opt for the spring-loaded shutters that automatically come down. Apart from this, the use of tamper-resistant receptacles, wherein the vertical slots on the outlet appear to have been filled with plastic are the best to protect children from all sort of electrical accidents.

4. Focus on Window Safety – Another handy tip to own a child-friendly home is window safety. Make sure no furniture is placed close to the window(s) as it does not let the kids/ children go closer to a window. You are also suggested to install a window guard as it ensures child-safety. However, keeping a window close is the smartest way to protect your kids from any unfortunate incident.

5. Furniture Design – This is an important element to consider as furniture is bought according to the area of property purchased. But, the homebuyers who are also parents to toddlers must understand that having sharp-edged furniture is not a good idea as the little one can get hurt due to the same. So, opt for a round-shaped sofa, traditional seating arrangement, bamboo-made chairs and more. Being a responsible parent, you try not to place anything that can act as a platform to climb as children try to grab the things placed on height.

6. Restrict Kitchen Access – Most important tip to own a child-friendly home is restricting kitchen entry as the arena has flammable object i.e a cooktop along with several spices and some electric-based kitchen appliances. All this forms into a dangerous combination that can bring down the entire home. So, put latches on the kitchen cabinet, use magnetic locks and get a baby gate installed at the entry as it restricts children from entering into the kitchen.


Keep all these points in mind while stepping into the Indian real estate market to buy a child-friendly residential property.

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