Make Your Home Monsoon Ready
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Home is the one place which requires timely renovation and the zest to keep it stylish as proves helpful in maintaining the property at a low cost. Thus, each season comes with several requirements and now with the monsoon coming in you must also be planning new home décor for making the living castle look alluring. So, here are the things you must consider while making the home ready for the rainy season.

  1. Check for Leakage

This is the first thing you must check as a single leakage in a home can bring down the entire ceiling of any place. So, get the leakage problem check before the start of the rainy season as pasting/ renovation work against ceiling takes time to dry and the wet weather won’t let it happen soon. So, get all pipelines and other places checked before it starts raining.

  1. Water-Proof Home

This is the best thing to do when getting a home ready for the monsoon season because water seepage inside the walls or at any other place can cause severe damage to the property. The dampness due to water seepage is likely to produce foul smell inside a home as the fungus and other harmful bacteria start to grow inside the wall structure due to the chemical reaction by mixing with paint and cement. So, it is best to get waterproofing done for the entire home.

  1. Trim the Green Area

Get the greens trimmed as the monsoon season push animals and other creators to find a shady area to stay dry. So, chop-off the extra greens before getting some unpleasant animal guest at home. Also, the thunderstorm and heavy rainfall destroy greens which leave the plants in an unhealthy state so it is best to get the lush green trimmed during this season of the year.

  1. Furniture Care

Make use of dry cloth while cleaning the furniture during monsoon. Also, make sure to keep leather bags, belts and shoes in cotton bags as this packing protects them from getting dirty during monsoon. This is so because the leather and furniture items absorb the moisture from the environment and thus bacteria grow inside them which make the item unusable and waste. Also, place papers on the shelf before keeping shoes on the rack. This restricts the entry of moisture into the leather shoes.

  1. Lit Up Aromatic Candles

The foul smell is one thing which makes life erratic during the rainy season. Liting up of some essential oil or an aromatic candle in order to prevent smelling inside a home. Also, you can use fragrance sticks to ensure the flow of fresh air inside the living arena.

  1. Install Canopies

The best way to restrict the entry of rainwater inside the home is to install canopies on windows and roof. The slop of these canopies ensures that the rainwater collected on the roof should fall down instead of getting inside the home.

  1. Place an Umbrella Holder

Get a small basket and place it next to the main entry door along with a doormat which can absorb wetness. This is the best way to keep dirt away from home as the person coming in will leave the umbrella in a basket and will also dap his/her shoes on the doormat.

  1. Use Camphor

The number of mosquitoes increases by manifold in the rainy season. So, keep camphor handy and lit it as soon as the sunsets as this is the time when mosquitoes enter and hide inside the home behind window panes, on ceilings and behind the curtains.

  1. Prevent Fungus

Make sure to add naphthalene balls inside cabinets, bed closets and other shelves as this season helps in growth of fungus and other water-borne infections. Also, ensure that these balls stay out of children’s reach.

  1. Kitchen Basics

Keep kitchen closets and cooking junction clean and dry. Also, make sure to keep everything sealed and try not to serve/eat packaged food as it is unhealthy during the monsoon season. Check the cooking arena for cockroaches as this season brings in various problems to deal with.