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Gone are the days when our homes are designed in such a way that people living inside get the maximum of fresh air, healthy living, proper sunlight and well-ventilated surroundings. However, due to space constraints, most of the urban homes these days lack proper ventilation measures which make their life short and also affect the health of residents.

With increasing pollution outside, it’s necessary that our home must be free from bad quality of air. Here the role of home ventilation comes into focus. Proper home ventilation is necessary to clean inside air quality as well as to keep pollutant and moisture away from the home. It also provides best air circulation that not only regulates home temperature but also keeps it fresh and free from bad odors.

Find below some of the suggested ways to keep your home fresh and healthy:

Window Height and Design

Window height and design play a very important role in bringing natural light inside the home and also keeping your home free from pollution. So, if you are renovating your home or it is still under construction then it is the best time to think on the window placement and height.

Interior designer suggests that a typical window size must be 10% of the room floor area or more than that. Moreover, it should be not in front of any construction or tree or pillar that cause hindrance in proper air flow.

These days big size windows (floor to room) are in trend. It not only keeps your space bright but also creates a natural aura inside your home.

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Whether small or big, a balcony is a must for your home. It not only acts as a personal space but also is the best option to bring in fresh air and sunlight to your home. Plant variety of small planters like Bamboo, Aloe vera and others that reduces pollution and maintain oxygen level by acting as purifiers.

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Door Nets

Installing nets along with the door or main gate of your house helps in keeping insects, mosquitoes, and dust away. It filters and brings in only fresh air inside the house, keeping your home ventilated for longer time. They are easily available in the market that too at an attractive price range starting from Rs 135 per sq.ft. to a maximum of Rs 200 per sq.ft.

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A skylight is a part of roof space of any house that is used to bring natural sunlight to any space. It is used for daylighting and also provides visual connectivity to the outdoors as well as keeps your space warm, bright as well as damp-free. Here the glass window panes are attached to the roof but they can be customized also as per individual’s requirement.

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