Rooftop Garden
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A rooftop garden is basically built on the top of the house or any building. It not only decorates the outdoors of your house but also helps in temperature control, hydrological benefits, architectural enhancement and much more. One can also grow small herbs which can also provide daily need kitchen food items.

Rooftop gardens are most often found in urban environments. With increasing urbanisation and cities turning into concrete jungles, such gardens have become a must for the homeowners. These rooftop gardens are much popular amongst those who are living on the top of the apartments or have their own private villa or bungalow.  So, now you don’t need a backyard garden to prepare your green space, the rooftop garden can provide you ample greenery in your home.

So, let’s have a look at few tips which can make your roof garden the best place in your complete home:

Keep it open

An open rooftop looks big. For example, a transparent glass wall; fences or railings can help in making your garden big and decorative too.

Raised beds

Creating raised beds adjacent to the walls is a good idea. You can add wooden raised beds or metal ones too. For these raised beds ensure you use waterproofing membrane and lay a thick root barrier that can block roots and prevent damage to the roof. One more idea is to make slightly elevated raised beds from the surface that way the raised beds do not touch the surface and roots of the plants may not be able to penetrate.

Grow tall plants and trees

Growing bamboos and grasses is a good combination if you want to surround yourself with complete greener and keep yourself away from cities noisy and polluted environment.

With a rooftop garden, you can also have the place to create a vertical garden. You can hang planters on the walls, use railing planters and grow a lot of climbers too.

Play with colours

Yes, a rooftop garden is the best place where you can plant different colourful varieties of plants to give it an attractive look. Grow shrubs, foliage plant and annuals for a burst of colours.


A rooftop garden is the best place where you can sit, relax and party with family, friends, and relatives and here proper furniture plays a very important role. Decide in advance what kind of furniture you want to place on your roof garden. Would you like to lounge on the roof terrace or want to have a dinner there? You must make a choice in the initial stage. Furniture that fit the style and theme of your garden would be appropriate.

Focal point and lighting

While a focal point on your rooftop garden instantly catches the eyes of your friends, designing lights enhance the beauty of the garden. A water feature, tall tree, beautiful arrangement of container plants or a statue can become a focal point. On the other hand, a well-lit rooftop garden adds a beauty to it. Especially near the stairs, furniture or door, it’s nice to make more bright spots. Moreover, lighting a roof will make it look larger during evening hours.

Proper Flooring

Don’t avoid the flooring. Choose flooring type that fits your budget, suits the climate you live in and accommodate the theme of the rooftop garden.

So, with these tips go and make your rooftop garden the best, sit there and enjoy your life from life’s busy schedule.