Sustainable Home
Img source : hearstapps

The decline in air quality reflects the increase in carbon dioxide (Co2) and toxic gases in the atmosphere and thus we need to find sustainable home décor ideas to shield ourselves from the unhealthy living conditions. So, instead of using a mask to breath filtered air we suggest incorporation of the below-mentioned sustainable home décor ideas:

1. Say No to Plastic

Initiate a step towards green living and stop using plastic-made things such as bottles. You are advised to incorporate products made from earthen clay, ceramic and brass metal as they are enriched with minerals beneficial for the human body.

2. Create Bio Compost

Make bio-compost from the daily kitchen waste instead of dumping the same in the garbage. This process is suitable to design a sustainable home as all waste material will be turned into fertilizer that can be mixed with soil to protect plants from weed and other infections. Reduction of toxic gases in air is another benefit of creating bio-compost as it improves the air quality.

3. Waste Segregation

Most environmentalists suggest segregation of waste in three categories including dry, wet and bio waste. Do not mix all sorts of garbage as it leads to the formation of many harmful gases than the regular garbage does and this causes virus, infection and many other health-related diseases.

4. Opt for Smart Energy Sources

Make a home sustainable by adding rooftop solar panel, ample daylight via ceiling to floor windows, LED lights and other appliances that can be sync to control via mobile apps. Today, the market offers a huge variety of mobile-controlled air conditioners, lights, Wifi and more.

5. Organic Linens

Some fabrics are also not good for the environment and thus you must opt for organic linens manufactured from khadi, cotton and jute. The curtains, bedsheets, quilts and cushions made from these materials do not have harmful effects like skin rash, allergy and other skin-related diseases.