Decorate Space under Staircase
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The season has changed and you must be wondering to give home a makeover. So, instead of putting up the light colored curtains and pastel colour wall paints try to do something different. Yes, think about adding volume to the home by filling up the open spaces in a trendy manner.

Didn’t get what we are talking about? Then, turn around and have a look at the null and void space below the staircase at your home. Exactly, this is the place that needs makeover as the plain open space deglam the entire home décor. So, here are the trendy ways to make this space look beautiful by putting up multiple things beneath the stairs.

  1. Add a Fresh look

The installation of the artificial green wall under the staircase set makes the place look fresh and green. Also, one feels hydrated and refreshed by having a look at the green wall as soon as he/she enters the home from a bright sunny day.

Add a Fresh look
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  1. Staircase Home Bar

The summer season is here and the temperature is rising high. So, cool down yourself with some drinks at home. Have a bar setup under the staircase and indulge in the party mood with your family and friends. Also, a music Bluetooth speaker here will add spice to the party as your guests will groove to the beat of the music while enjoying their drinks.

Staircase Home Bar
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  1. Design Decorative Shelves under Staircase

Give a makeover to the void space below the staircase by adding a couple of shelves there. Place some antiques, books, trophies and photographs to increase the look of this particular area.

Design Decorative Shelves under Staircase
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  1. Get an Additional Wardrobe

In case you wish to have more cabinets to store things then get the drawers installed here to keep some clothes handy. Also, you can dedicate this space to keep shoes and sandals as it helps in keeping the floor clean as the dirt won’t get into your living space directly.

Get an Additional Wardrobe
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  1. Open Study Under Staircase

Bring in a table, chair and a table lamp with few open shelves and make this space a compact study room. Get an electric socket installed to charge laptop or mobile. This is a unique way to design the space below the staircase.

Open Study Under Staircase
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  1. Have a Family Tree

Let your kids know the family members by pasting a family tree under the staircase at home. Hang up the family pictures here and cherish the best moments of life every single day.

Have a Family Tree
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Make your home look beautiful by decorating the open spaces below the staircase as it will add richness to the adobe.