Retirement Home
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With changing lifestyle and fast-paced financial growth, today the concept of investing in a retirement home has become favorable among young working professionals. This intent has increased more due to high-income generation and to lead a problem-free life after their retirement. However, proper research and planning is needed while investing in a retirement home. Here’s a look at some of the important tips which you must consider:

Background of the Developer

A background check of the developer is always advisable before investing in your retirement home. Also, do check that they have delivered any senior-living housing project earlier or not. Such projects come with various amenities like healthcare facilities in the premises, meeting areas, security, Special gym, home automation, indoor gaming zones, library, cultural room etc. You also must pay a visit to their past projects so that you can access the quality of construction and material used in the development.

Location of the Project

While planning to invest in a retirement home, it is important to look out for a project which is not in the outskirts of the city. Also, it should be in proximity to the city centre so that each and every facility should be easily accessible. For instance, a nearby public transportation facility like local buses, metro connectivity should be a must. Also, it should be near to hospitals, daily need convenience store etc.

Restriction of Age

There are many developers who have expertise in developing senior-citizen centric projects. Such projects are restricted for certain age limit and the number of visitors. For example, some developers may restrict that only persons with age 55 or more can invest in their projects or only a few named persons from the buyer family can visit them in a year or month.

Property Price

Always check and do proper research before investing in your retirement home. Check the price of the property in the market from different developers or brokers. Also, the price of a retirement home is 20-30% more as compared to a regular project. Apart from this the pricing also includes maintenance cost, security, and other services. So, it’s better to look out for a home that gives the best of the facilities at budget-friendly rates.


According to experts, those who invest in a retirement home are basically middle-age professionals who have better earning and less financial burden. So they can easily pay EMIs. However, there are two types of payment mode in this category. One of Outright purchase and other is upfront purchase.

In case of Outright Purchase, a home buyer has to pay the full amount of the project at once. This helps them in owning the home instantaneously. Also, they can easily sell the property to others as well as transfer it to their children. But, the children can only shift to the house when they retire, otherwise, they can rent the unit to any senior citizen.

On the other hand, in an upfront purchase, you pay the money in EMIs that helps you in saving money for the retirement time.