Luxury properties
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The term Luxury Housing has become popular in the India real estate market and the major Indian cities are offering premium residential projects enabled-with all the high-end amenities.

The Indian real estate sector is still coping with the reforms that were introduced in the past few years and the premium luxury housing properties are helping the sector to revive. All this is attracting prospects to invest in luxury housing and thus we have listed all important things to remember before buying a luxury property.

1. Location

Location is the first important thing you should look for as the locality should be plush, secure and easy to commute. Today, many developers are coming up with luxury housing projects but some of them are proposed in the areas where infrastructure is yet to be developed. Hence, investing in such a place where basic infrastructural facilities are unavailable make no sense.

The prospects planning to invest in premium housing are known as HNI i.e. the High Networth Individuals. You people have a busy schedule and require traveling frequently for meetings, conferences and work. Hence, owning a unit in a premium housing society is worthy only if you can reach the airport, business centre, bus stop and railway station easily. Also, the connectivity upto the workplace should be congestion-free. Thus you must figure out if there is a problem of vehicular congestion in the locality.

Luxury housing is a fine blend of healthy lifestyle and nature. Thus, you must check if the locality has good air quality and lesser noise pollution. These things make premium housing a heavily abode for living. But, the absence of these features cost much more than the investment made.

2. View

This is another important factor is the view you get from the housing unit. Premium housing gives the impression of lush-green nature, serene environment and picturesque view of the surroundings and tranquil nature for living. Thus, you must get assured about the scenic beauty that will refresh you daily. The sunlight must peek inside the home through windows and there should be ample space to gaze the sky and the stars at night while enjoy company of the loved ones.

Sometimes, the last-minute unit change, change the view that was supposed to get and this can turn ugly as the roads, metro tracks and buildings right in front make the atmosphere suffocating. Hence, double-check the view that will be offered from the luxury housing unit.

3. Ultra-Luxurious Amenities

Luxury apartments refer to technology-enabled homes with an automated security system, sensor mechanism and prefixed electronic appliances in Kitchen. Hence, you must check if the premium housing unit has all the modern-day amenities like landscape gardens, dedicated zones for leisure activities, escalators, lifts, lobby area, gymnasium, LED TVs, Air-conditioners and more. A residential unit is not a luxury home until it is enabled with ultra-luxurious amenities.

4. Environment-Friendly Design

Luxury is at its best is the common line we hear but the developers promote luxury home projects while focusing on the same. But, you must check for amenities such as rainwater harvesting, garbage segregation system, solar panel installation and more. All these features are environment-friendly and protect nature while fulfilling the requirements like power, sewage and cleanliness.

The developers emphasis to structure international-styled buildings that have theme gardens, kabanas, organic garden, botanical garden, flower garden, zen garden and organic garden. You are suggested to check if the project has such things as the landscape garden, jogging tracks, open spaces, sit-outs are specially built to let the people experience luxurious living inside the building premises.

5. Security System

The Security system is of utmost importance and hence you must not compromise on it. So, check if the luxury project has multi-tier security, CCTV surveillance, separate entry/exit points and Video-Phone door or not. All these features make a residential address a perfect luxury home as round-the-clock security make life secure and safe.