Background CheckFrom last few years, due to security reasons, the Indian rental market has become stricter in terms of a tenants background check. But do you know, that today before finalising a rental home, even tenants can also check the background of their prospective landlords? Yes, while looking for a rental home, a tenant gives a closer look to the facilities and amenities provided by the landlord but at the same time, it is also necessary to have a deeper look at the behavior and criminal record of the landlord.

Take a look at some of the easy and handy tips through which you can check the background of the landlord:

Check Public Records

Before finalising any rental home, it is necessary that the tenant must check the legal ownership of the property from the public record department. Check that the property is not a foreclosure property which means that the landlord has no right to rent out the property as it does not belong to him/her.

It is a mandatory check because once you have submitted the deposit to such a landlord you cannot get back the money.

Check Criminal Records

As we all know that before giving a home on the rent, a landlord needs a prior requisite on the criminal background of the tenant. Same is the case with landlord too. Both tenant and landlord are equal in front of the law. So, a tenant before finalising a rental home must check the criminal background of the landlord. Check whether they are not involved in any illegal activities, frauds, involvement in a criminal case, forge documents of the property, etc.

All you need is the name, date of birth and address of the landlord; you can check it either with the criminal court or via online web portals or news portals.

Check with Neighbourhood

Apart from the court and public record, a tenant can also check about the background of the landlord with immediate neighbours or adjacent ones. Go and have a conversation with the neighbours to get the insight detail of the landlord’s behavior with past tenants, as well as neighbours. You can also ask them about the property, any criminal case related to it, etc. Make proper research and inquiry about the property before finalising the one.

Ask Questions to Landlord

Being a tenant does not mean that you cannot inquire on important issues from the landlord. After all, you are paying money to live in that property, so it’s better to make a proper assessment before entering into the property. You can ask different questions from the landlord and if they are correct they will unhesitantly clear all your doubts.

  • Ask about the original address of the landlord.
  • Clear beforehand who will bear the repair expenses if, any in the property.
  • Move-in and move-out process
  • If you are professional with late-night shifts, ask the landlord about any restriction.
  • If you are opting for a rental home in a residential project or society, ask about maintenance charges, parking charges, etc.
  • You can also ask whether the home is pet-friendly or not.

Finally don’t rush to close the deal, check each and every aspect of the property carefully.