Residential Property to earn High Rental Income

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The maximum number of people around us knows that investing in a residential property is the best option to earn regular rentals. But, the high, low and moderate amount of rentals has a basic difference that needs to be understood. In fact, the rental business in India witnessed huge growth in the past few years as the sector stood at 1.53 lakh crore in 2017 is estimated to reach business of 2.85 lakh crore.

However, the investment option in the property market is a task as the wrong choice of location, housing unit and lack of amenities end the deal in loss. Hence, here we are letting you the tips to consider while buying a residential property for the investment purpose.

Invest in Affordable Housing

Make an ideal investment in the real estate sector by buying a residential property under this segment. According to the experts, the rate of earning return is higher here in comparison to other housing sectors like mid and luxury. The main reason for this increase is believed to be the carpet area. Today number of professionals switches to cities along with their spouse and kids. Hence, they want to live in a budget-friendly and secure area where life is comfortable. But, also don’t wish to pay a huge amount of rent and the affordable home is the best option for them as the space i.e. the carpet area decides the rental amount. So, make a smart choice by investing in an affordable home.

Invest in Co-living Segment

There is a huge demand for co-living spaces as the students and professionals in various urban cities wish to rent a residential unit that offers comfort and also won’t allow burning a hole in their pocket. So, investing in a co-living property is the best option to earn high rental and there is a handsome percentage of professionals falling under the age group of 18-35 who look for such accommodations. According to the real estate experts, you can make such an investment in the national capital Delhi and its adjoining areas in NCR along with Mumbai and Bengaluru.

Invest in Fully-furnished projects

Some recent reports show that the fully-furnished co-living spaces earn higher rental income i.e. between 70-90 percent in comparison to the regular residential units that only yield 10to30 percent rentals. The young professionals or students look for fully-furnished accommodation as that allows them to shift and stay freely without the burden of furniture like bed, sofa and other electrical appliance like refrigerator.

Look for Amenity-Enabled Property

A residential property with multiple amenities is always the best choice. Also, these add-on things make life easy and thus the tenants look for such properties. Other than this, connectivity plays a pivotal role and hence choose a strategic location in order to yield maximum rental income.

Cities that offer high rentals:

The cities like Ghaziabad Kolkata, Bengaluru, Hyderabad and Ahmedabad have higher rental income whereas few areas of New Delhi, Mumbai, Navi Mumbai and Gurgaon yield small amount of rental.