vastu for wardrobe in bedroom
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Vastu For Wardrobe in Bedroom: There are many times when we feel that nothing works out the way we want and the world is against us. It is very important to find positivity when we go through these negative life phases. You can make some changes like your attitude, distancing yourself from certain people, and renewing the energy in your home. Since a home is a place where we feel comfortable, the energy in it must be good to make you feel positive.

Vastu-Shastra is the science of architecture that can be used to bring positive energy into our lives by creating an environment that minimizes financial, emotional, health, and career-related problems. You can make minor changes like organizing your space, changing the color or home décor, and repositioning objects to improve energy flow. 

Sometimes, all you need to do is rearrange the whole furniture for better energy flow. The wardrobe position involves a lot of brainstorming. Thus, people prefer the spacious corner in a room and place the cabinet there. The wrong setting of a closet in the room draws negative energies, and thus, you must consider wardrobe location as per Vastu. Here are some tips to place wardrobe as per Vastu:

Vastu for Wardrobe in Bedroom:

A bedroom is where one expects to relax and get a sound sleep after a tough day at work. To improve living conditions and harmony, Vastu Shastra is based on the flow of cosmic energy within a space to improve living conditions. Colors play a significant role in Vastu for wardrobe in bedroom.

  • The wardrobe direction as per Vastu is South-West and is most favorable to install wardrobe. The fixing of a closet here restricts the entry of negative vibes and makes the room look attractive. You can also place the wardrobe in the northwest direction also to maintain the wardrobe Vastu.
  • To maintain Vastu for cupboard in bedroom, make sure you leave a few inches gap in between the wall and wardrobe. This space regulates the flow of positive energies inside the room.
  • The door of the wardrobe also plays a crucial role in harmonizing energy. According to the Vastu Shastra, they should ideally open up towards the East or North direction.
  • If you want to sustain positive and harmonious energy throughout the bedroom, you should keep your wardrobe clean and well-maintained. Squeaky hinges are not considered good according to Vastu for bedroom.
Beautiful bedroom Wardrobe Designs
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  • Choose natural finishes like wood to deck up your wardrobe as they are light and easy on the eyes and create visual harmony.
  • If you keep money and valuables in your wardrobe, consider placing it toward the south-west to maintain wardrobe Vastu.  According to Vastu for wardrobe in bedroom, this corner is deemed to be auspiciousand it is believed that it has the potential to multiply wealth.
  • The Vastu Shastra suggests light color shades in Wardrobe cabinets as these colors won’t absorb the bad energies from around the environment. As per Vastu for bedroom wardrobe, white, grey and beige color shades are ideal as they open up space and allow the air and energy to flow harmoniously.
  • Install a solid-shaped wardrobe closet in the room. You must not install unusual-shaped cabinets as they interrupt the flow of positive energies.
  • A wardrobe with a fitted-mirror offers a stylish look. But, this reflector must not stand in front of your bed. As per Vastu Shastra, the mirror produces bad energies that make a person ill.

So, these were some tips, according to Vastu for wardrobe in bedroom to maintain a positive flow of energy and to establish a harmonious relationship with loved ones.