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Karan Johar the filmmaker, helmer, scriptwriter, guest actor, columnist and a designer lives up to his name and took the legacy forward which his father late Yash Johar left a decade back. After taking up the responsibility of the Dharma Productions founded by his father in the year 1976, K Jo aka Karan Johar touched new heights thus the name and fame of the company outshine others in the Showbiz. This continuously growing popularity and business uprooted the necessity of a new office space and Karan Johar set up the same with spectacular interior designs. So, check the stunning workspace of Dharma productions by scrolling down the page.

Dharma production
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Designer Simone Dubash Pandole worked for more than six months on this project and gave a jaw-dropping look to this hugely spacious workplace. This designer maintains a low-profile and usually stays away from the shutterbugs but is famous in the celebrities-Circle.

Dharma Cafeteria
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Pandole gave this classy look to the cafeteria as the ace filmmaker Karan Johar wished to have an ambiance of fun and serious work that offers a young look. This image is an example of what K Jo wanted and the designer got his idea implemented beautifully. The wooden table with glass-chairs and the wall painted with the company name offers a young, fresh and fun look just like that of a college canteen.

Karan Johar office Waiting Room
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Karan Johar’s office is a lively place that offers the flashback of the success that Dharma Productions has yielded from years. The beautifully-designed reception area of this workspace comprises of a movie wall on which the famous scenes of a couple of movies are hanged. The leather-stitched seamless sofa and a golden corner on which various trophies are placed enhance the look of the place.

Karan Johar office Lobby
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The workspace is designed in two sections. One section is dedicated for administration, finance, editing and other functions whereas the other section is designed for the boss and executives like Apoorva Mehta, directors and assistant directors. Interestingly, the office also has a make-up room, a swivel chair from Lila Décor, the carpet for this office came from India Carpets & Furnishings and the interior designer Simone Dubash Pandole custom-designed the cupboard units.

karan Johar office poster fram
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This is a passage or a lobby you can say paves the way towards Karan Johar’s cabin. This passage is painted with white colour and has framed posters of Dharma Productions five movies which were the blockbuster movies of their time. These posters are printed by Darius Surti of Prodon Enterprises and the back-lit frames for the posters are by designed by Firefly.

Karan Johar office fern chair
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This fancy chair particularly known as the Gilles Nouailhac Louis XV-style ‘Maintenon’ chair is brought to elevate the style of K Jo’s workspace from Roche Bobois and the sideboard in the golden colour is from Boca Do Lobo.

Karan-Johar office
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All cabins in the office of Dharma Productions have custom-made sideboards where the antiques are placed according to the choice of the designated person. Here, a harmonium, photo-framed world map, a Coffee mug with a quote written on it and a creator is placed onto the shelves that escalate the look of this corner.

Karan johar office awards
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The office space of Dharma Productions is been designed while considering the Vastu Shastra and thus the use of golden colour is eminent in the entire office.