Home Decor Ideas with Vivid Colour
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This time of the year is often known as the change of season as the rainy weather lowering the temperature set the winds to blow in winters. Although, the chilling season is quite a bit far still you need to have some renovation at home to upbeat the mood while dealing with the moist atmosphere. So, scroll down the blog post and know top colour combinations that can make you feel happy and energetic in this time of the year.

Mix & Match – Gone are the days when white paint denotes roof. Today, it’s time to rise and shine. Thus, paint the ceiling in rose pink colour and add white shade to other walls of the room. The placing of floral printed fabrics on the few sofa seats with plain cushions and floral printed cushion covers on the plain sofa is the best trend to follow during this time of the year.

Mix & Match Home Colours
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Go Stylish – Highlight a wall with solid blue colour and place a pink-coloured sofa against it. This pink sofa must have some print in contrast colour like orange, yellow or even red will rise the temperature of the room. The addition of white –coloured floor lamp crafted with steel in the living room will also enhance the overall look of your home by manifolds.

pink sofa on blue wall
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Try Neutral Shade – Add pale orange to the walls and furniture of light coffee shade in the living room to balance harmony inside the living castle. This smart colour combination will offer a chic look to your home while making the guests applaud your for having a style sense that can be felt by having a look at interiors.

Try Neutral Shade Colours
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Bring Home Royalty – The combination of grey and turquoise colour in home décor makes you feel like Your Majesty. Set an ambiance of royal lifestyle at home by painting walls of the living room in turquoise colour while placing sofa and couch of grey colour with a steel-framed center table. Apart from this, you can try a purple and gold colour combination to experience royal beauty.

Bring Home Royalty
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Experience Vintage Home – Paint your home with a medium shade of yellow colour in a combination of white and offer an Asian-styled living castle look to the home. You can also try shades of Pink and blue with white colour as per the choice. Although yellow and white are the best colour combinations to experience vintage-style home.

Experience Vintage Home
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Turn Playful – Give your home a modern look by blending bright yellow and blue colour combination. We suggest you paint the living room with a bright blue colour and place furniture of bright yellow colour to offer a distinct look to the room. Also, the wooden picture frames offer a smart look to the entire place.

Turn Playful
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Simple & Elegant Look – White is the colour that always stays in trend. So, give an elegant look to your home by putting up white colour paint on the walls while balancing the home décor with grey, yellow and black. The bright yellow coloured lamp with grey-printed sofa and couch in solid black colour give an aesthetic look to the entire place.

Simple & Elegant Look
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