Holiday Home
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With increasing work pressure and fast-pace lifestyle, going on a holiday always freshen up the mood whether you are single or married. While you must be searching for some good location to spend quality time with friends or family, a perfect holiday home adds a feather to it. Yes, these days’ travellers or business personals mostly prefer to rent a holiday home as compared to a hotel. 

A holiday home is mainly surrounded by serene environment and surrounding that refreshes and rejuvenates your mind and soul. From beach villas to hilltops, a range of holiday homes can be chosen as per your need and requirement.

Find below, some of the key tips which should be kept in mind while renting a holiday home:

Research Beforehand

Have you already planned for a vacation? So, hurry up and do proper research beforehand before finalising vacation home for rent. If your vacation falls in peak season then you must complete all the bookings beforehand otherwise you will miss a good deal.

Location and Connectivity

Location plays a very crucial role in finalising a vacation home. If your vacation is just for leisure, then you can rent a property located amidst green environs and Mother Nature. On the other hand, if it is a business tour, then it must be near your office and other city center areas.

Check for Amenities

A good question to ask beforehand from the owner or the landlord or the company. Check out all the amenities and facilities offered to you like lunch, dinner, breakfast, laundry, internet and phone service, Cable/DTH service, cleaning/housekeeping, etc. Some vacation home also offers a kitchenette or cook on demand at an additional cost.

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Before renting a vacation home, you must check the affordability of it. It should not over cost you. Perhaps, look into such properties that offer maximum amenities and facilities in a lesser amount.

Branded Vacation Homes

These days, many startups and leading companies have forayed into vacation or holiday home segment. Brands like OYO, Country Club, Yatra, etc. are offering a range of holiday homes across the country with some of the best amenities and facilities.

Negotiate Properly

Before renting any vacation home, negotiate for its price from the broker or the company. In case, the company rejects to cut the rental accommodation cost, you can ask for a free facility or travel fare or any other amenities.

Walkthrough of the Property

Before renting a holiday home, check each and every room and the whole property. In case of any repair or damage, communicate immediately to the company or the landlord. Make a video or click a picture of it to avoid any future hassle.

Ask for any Deposits

In many holiday homes, landlords or company ask to submit a deposit amount apart from the rental. Ask for it beforehand and fulfill all the demand to avoid any arguments in later stages.

So, follow these tips and rent a perfect holiday home after all vacation is all about creating good memories with family and friends.

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