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Are you facing financial crunch or other problems at home? Then, you need to rearrange the place. I agree that it is not possible to renovate the entire home again and again. But, that doesn’t stop you from restricting the negative vibes to enter the home.

Sounds confusing? Then, read more. Most of us have heard about Vastu-Shastra and also set up space accordingly. But, still, you miss on few things that imbalance the atmosphere and results in your unhappiness.

But now it won’t last long. As, here is the list of things you should never keep at home according to the Vastu-Shastra.

  1. Mirror In-Front of Bed

The mirror is a kind of reflector. But, sometimes it’s not good to have it with you. Of course, no one can manage a bedroom without mirror. So, do keep this article in the room. But make sure that it is not placed exactly in front of your bed. The head-on placing of a bed and mirror increases misunderstandings. This results in conflict between the partners which is really upsetting. Hence avoid this kind of bedroom setting.

Mirror In-Front of Bed
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  1. Avoid Black Color

The black color looks chic and stylish. But, this color also denotes negativity, defame, and disgust. Thus, you should never make use of this color in bed linen, wall paints, and furniture. Instead, add some vivacious colors that make the whole environment lively. This is the second thing you should never keep in the home according to Vastu-Shastra.

Avoid Black Color
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  1. Won’t Let the Time Stop

The Vastu-Shastra firmly believes that a non-working clock brings life to a halt as it lowers the energy. Thus, one should never leave the clock in a non-working condition. So, keep cells in stock and let the clock ticking always.  The placement of a clock in a non-working condition is also one of the things you should never do at home as per Vastu-Shastra.

Won’t Let the Time Stop
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  1. Unhappy Paintings on Wall

We start being like our surrounding. Thus, one should ensure not to put up sad and disheartening images on the walls. Also, avoid painting dull shades on the wall as it attracts nothing but negativity.

Unhappy Paintings on Wall
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  1. Sharp-Edged Furniture

The sharpness of corner cut the normal flow of energy and reroute the positive energy in a wrong direction. This energy comes down to zero only after making you fight with someone. So, stop getting into an unnecessary fight due to the sharp-edged furniture you have at home. Bring home circular-shaped furniture or else cover the current furniture with a trendy table cover and more.

Sharp-Edged Furniture
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These are the don’ts according to Vastu-Shastra for a happy home. So, change your life into good times by working on these tricks now.