homebuyer should never reveal at Site Visit
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Are you excited about buying a home? Then, this blog post is the right one to go through as here we are listing things that a homebuyer should reveal to the seller at the time of making a site visit as it is the crucial time of home buying process. Thus, it is important for a homebuyer to keep a neutral attitude in front of the seller. So, here are the key things that you should not let the seller sense.

1. Your Budget

Every prospect has a budget but revealing the exact figure even before finalizing a property is not a good idea. The main reason for keeping the budget hidden is to explore opportunities. The number of options can come down crumbling after you reveal the budget as the seller gets an idea of your pocket. Hence, we suggest you don’t open cards about the budget. Remember to give a rough figure when it comes to the budget as it will give more properties to choose from.

2. Control your Excitement

Sometimes a person gets excited at the time of site visit and this indicates your interest in the property. This gives the seller an upper hand as he/she don’t come down to a reasonable price sensing that you are willing to buy this property and would pay the cost even if it goes little out of the budget. All this results in sealing an unfair deal on your part and thus you are advised to control the emotions as it is likely to ruin the dream of owning a budget-friendly property.

3. Things you don’t like

Every one of us has an image of how my home should look like. But, it’s not fair to unlike someone’s design right in front of the person. In fact, this can create your wrong image and the seller might turn uninterested in selling a property to you. So, keep the appearance neutral and let the seller guess what’s in your mind.

4. This is IT

The most important thing, don’t ever reveal the one you have selected in mind as this expression will increase the property value. Remember property selling is also an art and you should be smart enough to crack a wise-deal. So, never reveal the property you have shortlisted as it will allow the seller to quote a higher rate for the same.