Shruti SodhiEveryone wants their dream home to be different from other and here the work of an interior designer comes into focus. Known for her unique expertise in the field, Shruti Sodhi is a famous interior designer from Delhi. Whether it is a home or an office space or a hospitality project, she and her team of designers create a calm and conducive environment for their clients by developing intelligent and innovative designs. In this interview, Shruti will share how her work and various skills create distinctive interiors:

1. What makes your Design Studio different from other interior designing firms?

Our company creates solutions for beautiful living like other design companies but our creative choices are marked with soul design for every space. We just don’t design. We dwell into the soul of every space n create unique non-repetitive design which is not the case with most.

Design Studio

2. Does budget effects designing of any space?

Yes budget definitely makes a difference. If it’s not everything it’s still something that helps achieve a certain desired design.

Budget Interior

3. What are the key things to consider while designing hospitality projects in comparison to residential ones?

All projects are demanding and require precision. In designing hotels smallest things count which make a difference.

hospitality projects

  1. Effective optimum lighting
  2. Effective utilization of room space
  3. Programming the space in accordance to MEP services
  4. Effective planning and designing of BOH areas
  5. Good designing of the false ceiling keeping in mind more the height the better
  6. Effective air conditioning
  7. Proper planning for luggage space
  8. Designing Gymnasium n spas appropriately with space planning to equip them fully with deliverables.
  9. In case of longer stays with 5 star chains or service apartment’s cyber cafe, entertainment rooms, Lenin washing rooms, tuck shops and gym spa space n cafeterias needs to be effectively planned as well.

4. What are the prime things you focus while designing commercial spaces?

Commercial projects can be demanding sometimes. Apart from good design few more things are important for effective execution:

designing commercial spaces

  1. Space management
  2. Budgeting
  3. Timelines
  4. Work progress chart

5. How important it is to design sustainable interiors while considering the current trend?

Current trends are subject to constant change. While the foundation of every design is effective space planning and good aesthetics making the place not only beautiful but maintainable and practical , one can add trending colors to Upholstery tapestry or add a piece of rustic antique to luxury . Fabric can change and antique is evergreen. We create trends as designers no hard and fast rule to anything. Just follow your soul design.

design sustainable interiors

6. How different it is to design interiors for residential apartments, villas, and Suites?

One of the most important things to keep in mind is the effective utilization of space. Apartments are small and villas fairly large with fairly similar stay requirements. Suites and studios as I would put it are further more compact. So space planning is the most important thing.


7. Describe your work style? Are you a self-starter or do you prefer specific direction?

Every client is different and has different design requirements. I understand client’s requirement first per say things that he wants in accordance to his / her lifestyle and also check on their concept of a dream home and then begin my work.

work style