Virgo Sun Sign
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Those born from 22nd August to 22nd September are ruled by Virgo. The Virgo sun sign denotes purity and perfection. Thus people ruled by the Virgo sign always dream of owning property at a strategic location from where they can view nature at its best. This is also one reason that people born between August and September are interested in renovating a home in a fashionable manner. So, here are some suggestions for styling up your living castle like no other:

The Best Vastu Tips for Virgo Sun Sign

Colour Palatte for Virgo property Owners:

Give your living room a smart look by incorporating earthy tones, ochre, orange and yellow. You can use these color shades to glam up your sofa along with cushions, iron-based floor lamp shade, curtains, and even rugs. Mercury is the ruling planet for Virgo; bring it’s color gray to the Virgo color palette. Virgo lucky colors include blue, green, light yellow, and white. 

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The best Vastu tips for Virgo sun sign is to use the blue shade in private spaces like bedroom and study that enhances the chances to lead a happy, healthy and flourishing life. Try to combine shades like aqua, sky blue, dark blue, and sea blue in a bedspread, cushion, and couch area of the private space and sustain the balance between a stressed and stress-free life.

The inclusion of Jade green color, particularly in the study room or at the workstation, improves the earning power. So, the Virgo sun sign should decorate their professional space with this beautiful green shade and get ready to live a wealthy life.

Furniture Tips for Virgo Property Owners:

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Being a perfectionist, Virgos always wish to live a comfortable life. Thus, you should always buy soft, spacious, and stylish furniture that will escalate your dream home’s overall look. The Virgo nature keeps everything in an orderly manner and in its proper place. Placing clutter-free, compact, and stylish storage space allows you to experience a sweet pie of life. Also, go-ahead with the furniture crafted from wood as it eradicates the chance of absorbing negative energies.

Fabrics for Virgo Property Owners:

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Virgo sun sign should keep soft fabrics away from the kitchenette and other areas as the smooth texture attract negative and powerful energies, resulting in sickness and other problems. Also, avoid using Synthetic materials as they are known to limit positive energy flow.

 Remember to use a cotton or woolen mattress instead of a foam-based one. Being a nature lover and a down-to-earth person using organic ways to decorate a Virgo-born person’s home is always beneficial.

Fragrance for Virgo Property Owners:

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Virgo sign is hard-working but can sometimes get overwhelmed by how much they have to manage. Scents of sage, fennel, lemon, and patchouli might be able to help. The placing of aromatic candles, incense sticks, and gentle fragrance oils keep the atmosphere happy, light, and healthy. So, avoid adding strong and pungent fragrances at home as these attract strong vibes.

Cleaning Tips for Virgo Property Owners:

Cleanliness is a good habit as a neat and clean place assures living in a healthy environment. So, keep your home and office space clutter-free as it creates more positive vibes. Clutter often reflects life’s unfinished tasks as when you clear away the clutter, you are allowing yourself to take more significant and creative lessons. It is because you are no longer steeped in the past problems. Whether it is a small drawer, purse, or a shelf, you will build motivation and magic in the air around you after de-cluttering it. 

These are some Vastu tips for Virgo sun signs to avoid your daily life problems. To enjoy peaceful and blissful life, organize your place according to the science of construction, Vastu Shastra.