The pagdi tenants residing in non-cessed buildings prior to June 13, 1996, are now eligible to own new flats whenever the building is redeveloped. This relaxation came with the new guideline that was recently introduced by the BMC [Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation].

If in case, the currently residing tenant transferred the pagdi system flat to any other person soon after completing all required legal formalities then the new occupant will be eligible to occupy the accommodation after redevelopment with equal rights.

DCPR i.e. the new development control and promotion regulations will boost redevelopment of the pagdi system buildings as it offers attractive incentives to landlords. These incentives are based on the total area required for the rehabilitation of the current occupants. All these tenants will become flat owners with the completion of the redevelopment procedure.

A maximum number of non-cessed buildings are located in the suburb areas and most of them require urgent development.

Earlier, in order to boost redevelopment in the Maharashtra state capital, the Devendra Fadnavis-led State Government decided to offer extra space for tenanted buildings and old housing societies. The extra space commonly termed as FSI i.e. Floor Space Index will be given to those property owners and the housing societies who have already used their entire area for the developmental process a long time ago.

Similar to the redevelopment procedure in Mumbai, a panel of Architects, Advocates, Chartered Accountants and certified auditors will be formed by the Pune District Cooperative Federation. This panel will be associated with the cooperative housing society and the department concerning these cooperative housing societies’ in all redevelopment projects.