Vastu for your home temple
Source : librojuridicos

Have you ever wondered that the worshipping area and the way you worship your deity can influence your life? Besides the entrance, one major source of energy at home is your worshipping place. It beholds the power to exude all kinds of energies and to grant you health, wealth and wisdom to live your life to its fullest potential. However it depends on you how much energy and what kind of energy emanates from the source and in what way it affects you.

Let us find out how you can improve the energy emanating from your home-temple and how you can develop the synergy to lead a fulfilling life.

Enliven your worshipping place to enliven your life

Yes, bring your temple to life by lighting it well. Decorate it with beautiful colors. This does not necessarily mean painting the walls of temple with different colors. Bring different hues by using lights preferably yellow, white and beige to brighten up the area. Always bring fresh flowers of different colors to pay regards to your deity. Light incense sticks and always light a candle or an earthen lamp to keep negativity at bay. Keep the clutter away. Place only those objects in temple that you need for worshipping. Keep the area neat and clean and free from cobwebs.

Install it in the right direction

According to Vastu, every object has its own place as per the element it is made up of, to bring that sync. For temple in your house you should use the direction of God that is, North-East. This direction is also called as Ishan-Kona. Though North-East is the best direction for home-temple but if it is not possible to place the idol at this corner, the centre of the house can also be used. However, at the same time you should also take care that the temple is not placed in any bedroom. Neither any wall of the temple should be common with the wall of any of the washrooms.

Few important points for consideration

  • A temple should be made up of wood or marble.
  • The idol should be kept at the chest-level or above the head-level of the worshipper.
  • The idol should not be placed directly on the floor. Some kind of table or object should be used so that the idol is above the ground level. Neither should the worshipper sit directly on the floor to worship. A simple mat or a rug can be used to sit upon.
  • Never ever place the broken or cracked idols to worship. As well as you should not keep multiple idols of the same deity.

The temple at your home is the place where you meditate, connect with yourself and connect with the highest form of energy that is, God. Hence, keep it special and exceptional. The livelier is your worshipping place the more is abundance and positivity in your house.