Tamil Nadu Rera
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The Tamil Nadu Govt notified regulation for the State RERA i.e. TNRERA [Tamil Nadu Real Estate Regulatory Authority] now. The regulation for the same has been framed by the State Government after the formation of RERA Act in the year 2016 by the Narendra Modi-led Central Government.

According to a TNRERA official, the rules have been framed in such a manner that the developer/builder is required to submit the dedicated format in order to withdraw the 70 percent deposits from the designated bank account only after the construction of the housing project is completed at different stages. The regulation is also sketched for the TNRERA in regard to the issues like registration of housing projects, grievances by the home buyers and examination of cases respectively. According to the rules, the person submitting grievances/ complaint is eligible to keep a track of ongoing or the completed cases under the RERA Act for which he/she can have the assistance of a rider. On the other hand, a person inspecting the records must not carry out the recording of the procedure or take notes of the submitted documents.

The framed guidelines prohibit the presence of electronic gadgets inside the record room. This means that a mobile phone or any other electronic item like a camera cannot be used in front of the hearing authority in the courtroom. The regulation of TNRERA is not only confined to the State as the same rules are levied on Andaman & Nicobar which is one out of seven Union Territories in the Country.