Tamil Nadu Green Buildings
Img : hyatt

Tami Nadu is the first Indian state to use green building concept at a large scale. This southern state stands at number one position among the top Ten Indian Cities who have incorporated the Green building concept at large which is certified by LEED i.e Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design. This is also the commonly-used green building rating system.

While attending an event in Madurai, Gopalakrishnan Padmanabhan, managing director, Green Business Certificate Institute (GBCI), said that Tamil Nadu approximately had 123 LEED certified projects till date and LEED can be implemented in any project either at the time of designing layout or after the completion of the construction procedure.

The Green building concept is beneficial not for the Corporates, manufacturers, builders, and developers but it is also helpful to keep the environment clean which allows human to live in a healthy atmosphere. The buildings certified by LEED consume less energy, water and minimize carbon emission which creates an eco-friendly environment for living.

Gopalakrishnan Padmanabhan also awarded Penguin Apparel in Madurai for taking efforts in order to minimize water usage, by installing water-efficient fixtures. The company was also appreciated for having a common centralized sewage treatment plant which assures 100% reuse of waste water. They also avoid landfilling by recycling almost 98% of the construction waste.

Hyatt Palace in Tamil Nadu’s Rameswaram also got awarded for offering secure bicycle racks and shower locations for encouraging people to use alternative transportation. The company also owns a site sewage treatment plant, where used water is recycled with 100% success.

Chairman Gopalakrishnan Padmanabhan also said that LEED will be implemented in Smart City programs as it helps in framing waste management policies and other green initiatives in cities.