Ladders Home Decor
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What is the purpose of a ladder? Well, you must be thinking what type of question is this as we know that a ladder is used for climbing. True. In fact, many people have a ladder at their residing place only for this purpose. But, fortunately, there are many other usages of this multi-tiered climbing case.

Yes, you read it right. Gone are the days when a ladder can be used for accomplishing one particular task. As, today placing of anything confidently make it trendy and fashionable. So, scroll through these designer ladder ides and revamp your home in a complete new manner.

  1. Create False Ceiling with Ladder – 

Place the ladder in a horizontal manner and lit up some LED blubs on it. This will create a party-mood at your place and will make the roof glow like no other. You can install a false ceiling ladder in the room as well as on the terrace. Well, the designer ladder looks pretty impressive when placed on the terrace.

Create False Ceiling with Ladder
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  1. Wall Décor for lobby – 

A lobby is the best area to place the family photographers as it grabs the eyeballs easily while passing by. So, place the ladder in a laid back position and keep photo frames, artefacts, and other antiques here. Also, you can name the ladder-shelf such as Happy Moments or Family or anything else as per your choice.

Wall Décor for lobby
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  1. Ladder Shelves for Living Room – 

The living room has different things to keep at one place such as TV remotes, DVDs, books and other stuff. So, why to spoil the entire room with placing things in a non-linear position? In fact, club two multi-tiered ladders and create ample space for keeping things at a common place.

Ladder Shelves for Living Room
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  1. Towel Ladder – 

A bathroom has its own requirements like bathing towel, hand towel etc. Thus it is important to have a particular space to hang these articles. So, place a towel ladder in the bathroom and style up your washroom.

Towel Ladder
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  1. Ladder Closet – 

Be ready for office quickly every day by placing a ladder closet in your room. Apart from picking outfits from the wardrobe keep a two-tiered ladder next to your bathroom and get ready for office in the least time possible. Keep a pair of footwear and dress handy on this designer ladder. Also, it gives a unique look to the room altogether.

Ladder Closet
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  1. Shoe Ladder – 

Give the shoe rack an interesting look by bring in a multi-leveled ladder. Place all your pair of shoes and high heels here while making the room stylish too. You simply have to open the ladder in a precise manner and then place some open shelves into the void space. This is an unusual manner to style up your room.

Shoe Ladder
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  1. Ladder Garden – 

Nurture your love for the blooming buds by creating a ladder garden in your balcony. You can place different flowerpots on the ladder and gives an exquisite look to your home.

Ladder Garden
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Let your home décor take center stage by placing these designer ladders at various places. Also, you can add different style while decorating the place with a ladder.