register property online
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Buying a property in Delhi is not a small thing and thus you need to plans finances as the entire process of owning a home in the national capital is tough. Also, let’s not forget about the stamp duty and registration charges that every single property buyer has to pay to the Delhi Government’s revenue department. Considering all these factors the online system for property registration has been introduced as it also makes the process transparent. Thus this is the step-wise procedure for property registration in Delhi.

  1. Firstly, prepare a deed for online property registration. To create the same, visit and select the fourth option named ‘Deed Writer’ in the menu tab. This link will redirect you to a new website where you can prepare a deed according to the suitable criteria.
  2. Now, its time to calculate the stamp duty and registration charges for your property. So, visit and enter the nearest sub-registrar zone from the drop-down menu while filling other fields like the area in which property is located, the locality, type of deed and sub-deed name. Remember that location, consideration amount of present transfer, land use, the total area of the plot, total plinth area and year of construction are the factors that are considered to calculate the amount.
  3. After this, you are required to purchase an e-stamp paper of the same amount. You can purchase the stamp from the nearest Stock Holding Corporation of India that can be authorized at
  4. Now go back to the home page and choose the option ‘e-registration’ in order to deposit the fee and also save the receipt of the same for future use.
  5. Then, to fix an appointment with the sub-registrar you are required to visit the link Mention the e-stamp number here as it is necessary for verification. Along with the same, fill your district, sub-registrar and area.
  6. Lastly, you are required to visit the office of Sub-registrar on the given date and time and also carry the appointment SMS received by you. Submit all the required documents at the facilitation counter and collect the receipt of property registration once the entire process is completed.

List of Documents for online property registration

  1. One set of photocopy of all original documents
  2. Two passport size photographs on the copies of documents including the seller and the buyer
  3. E-Stamp paper of accurate stamp duty value
  4. Receipt of E-Registration fee along with undertaking
  5. The self-attested copy of PAN cads or Form 60 is necessary if the transaction fee is more than Rs. 50,000

All original ID proofs of the persons involved in the deal that includes seller, buyer and witness.