Elevate Home Décor
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Are you bored of the same old staircase look? If yes, then here is an amazing home décor item to elevate the overall look of the living castle. The Staircase Tile Sticker is a decorative item which is available in multiple colours and designs. So, check out some of the beautiful stickers and offer a trendy look to the steps.

  1. Talavera Stair Tile Decals

Popular as the Talavera tile decals this tile sticker enhances the staircase set by adding some bright colours to it. The vibrant yellow, blue, green and orange colours offer an energetic way to start the day. So, begin the day with a positive and a happy mood by witnessing the beauty of these staircase tile stickers on daily basis.

Talavera Stair Tile Decals
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  1. Italian Stairs Tile Stickers

Similar to the food the Italian tile stickers also have a class. Thus the perfect blend of white and blue colour in this home décor item enhances the overall look of the staircase. Also, the simple and elegant design of a flower in a circle depicts harmony and let you understand the meaning of mellow.

Italian Stairs Tile Stickers
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  1. Moroccan Stair Tile Sticker

The criss-cross design, elephants and a king’s chair like structure refer to the ancient Moroccan era. The colours and the craftsmanship shown on this staircase tile sticker will make you experience the time with a different charm. You will not find bright colours in this style although you can opt for some flower-based designs.

Moroccan Stair Tile Sticker
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  1. Aesthetic Indian

Give home a traditional touch by adding the Aesthetic Indian stair tile design. The design incorporates saree border designs which represent the traditional Indian wear for women.  The vibrant colours itself speak for them as the Indian culture is incomplete without having vibrancy in what they wear.

Aesthetic Indian
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  1. Luminous Stair Creative Wall

Let the steps glow in the dark by opting for these stair tile stickers. The mouse and the burrow glow in the dark and offer an unexceptional look to the steps. There are numerous other designs so you have a variety of options to choose from. This home décor idea is unusual and will escalate the home décor of your place.

Luminous Stair Creative Wall
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  1. Mosaic Stair Tile Sticker –

Add the mosaic design to the steps and experience the different style of staircase every time you climb them. This design is available in single and dual colours both. Opt for the best colour according to the wall paint and the railing of the staircase to elevate the home décor.

Mosaic Stair Tile Sticker
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  1. Piano Staircase Tile Sticker

Play the tune of happiness in the family by adding a Piano styled stair tile sticker to the steps. This design is different and keeps the environment lively and joyful round the clock. There you can shop for a bold styled piano or a simple styled piano whichever suits you.

Piano Staircase Tile Sticker
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