Sanjay Navgire, ShubhchintanThese days with change in the interior designing trend, everyone wants their home to be perfect and in tune with the latest designs. Most of the homes are usually inspired by rich heritage which is in compliance with Vastu Shastra too. Leading Interior designer from Pune, Sanjay Navgire will tell us how their firm, Shubhchintan design their client’s home focusing both on latest designs as well as Vastu: 

  1. What makes Shubhchintan different from other interior and vastu consultancy firms?

‘Shubhchintan’ is completely a customer-centric firm. Here we have a holistic approach towards our work & customers. We always believe in offering customized & personalized interior solutions to clients. We work very closely to understand the client’s functionality needs & then offer beautiful aesthetics combinations to fulfill the needs. Space utilisation is one of the key factors in our designing, apart from this we offer quality in our every project from tiny to large, not only this but we keep upgrading our skills as per market trends to ensure, what we offer to clients is absolutely unique & trendy.

Office Space Design by Shubhchintan

2. What are the key things to consider while designing hospitality projects in comparison to residential ones?

It is very obvious that every kind of a project has its own focus points, maybe it’s residential or hospitality. In residential projects, kitchen & bath designs are center of focus which makes client life simple & gives rich experience with comfort. In the residential projects, we need to understand the realistic everyday life & accordingly plan for storage & other amenities.

Resturant Design by Shubhchintan

Whereas in a hospitality project, we need to consider global tasks & expectations. The point to include is luxury touches contemporary aesthetics, smart technology, and regional culture. Authenticity is an essential trend. Hospitality project designs are elegant, large, theme-based & technology driven.

3. Does budget effects designing of any space?

No, the budget is not a constraint in space designing. It is just an outline or a guideline that defines the scope of material & technology that can be used in designs. There are many wonderful designs; we have created in lowest cost. On the other hand, higher budget gives us the opportunity to use best of the technology & varieties of textures & materials to create the unique & personalized interior as per customer taste & preferences.

Living Room Design by Shubhchintan

4. Do you feel space is a constraint while designing corporate projects such as showrooms?

For corporate we need to designs which facilitate more creative & productive environment. Here we priorities the space planning with functionality, we focus on creative storage alternatives & co-working space furniture and ultimately it is a designer skill to turn the space constraints into a beautifully functional space.

Play School Design by Shubhchintan

5. How to blend vastu and interior designing to upbeat any space?

Vastu Shastra represents a body of ancient concept & knowledge to many modern architects, a guideline but not a rigid code. We are very much sure that Vastu Shastra is a healing science of architecture & enhance positivity. Vastu Shastra remedies really bring positivity in the space, so we consider it as value addition to the interior designing projects.

Nursery School Design by Shubhchintan

6. How different it is to incorporate innovative design in Pune’s Landscape which is famous for its traditional architecture?

In this globalization age, the clients are exposed to the variety of environment & architectural places all around the world. Now it has become a choice of person to which style suits to their requirement. Many clients prefer a mix of traditional & modern designs. After realizing client inclination towards a particular style, it became our responsibility to give an innovative twist to that style, so it became a unique and wonderful design.

bedroom design by Shubhchintan