senior citizen property tax
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Now the senior citizens owning property under the South Delhi Municipal Corporation will not require visiting zonal offices to pay property tax. The SDMC i.e. South Delhi Municipal Corporation recently announced to plan doorstep delivery for property tax service in their region.

Out of the total property taxpayers of 4.5 lakh in the jurisdiction of South Delhi Municipal Corporation nearly, 1.25 lakh are the senior citizens.

Shikha Rai, chairman SDMC standing committee said that the doorstep delivery scheme will begin soon and the senior citizens will get relief from facing difficulties at the zonal offices. She also said that the doorstep delivery scheme will prove beneficial as the tax collection will also escalate as this scheme is planned while considering the data of taxpayers during the fiscal year 2017-18.

Shikha Rai also said that the last year, out of 4,44,000 property tax payers nearly 1,23,045 fell in the age group of sixty and above.

The doorstep scheme will also prove helpful to those who can’t find out the exact date and time to submit the property tax along with having difficulties in making the payment for the same.

According to the scheme, the employees of the municipal corporation will visit the taxpayer’s residence and will file the property tax by accepting the payment in cash or cheque in any of the mode [both are acceptable] by 15th June every year. The South Delhi Municipal Corporation plans to launch a helpline number so that people can call and fix the appointment.