Online Registry Facility in Ludhiana
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SDMC i.e. the South Delhi Municipal Corporation took the decision to extend the deadline for the submission of online payment of advance property tax in the city. The civic body informed about this decision after some problems were reported in the portal as the same is hampering the overall operations.

The new deadline to submit advance property tax is now 31st July 2019.

Sunita Kangra, Mayor, SDMC said that the portal is not working properly as some issues have erupted in the system and due to this operations can’t be performed in a flawless manner. The increase in number of property owners for the online submission of advance tax resulted in the slow-working of the portal.

Similar to this, the North Delhi Municipal Corporation [NDMC] has also extended deadline for property tax payment till 15th July and is offering a rebate of 15 percent on the same.

Jai Prakash, Chairman of Standing Committee, North Civic body informed that after meeting with the representatives of the market association and Resident Welfare Association the decision to extend the deadline for tax submission and rebate is taken.

In December 2018, the South Delhi Municipal Corporation’s standing committee sanctioned the policy for issuance and renewal of licenses online for household and service industries, the civic body informed. This decision was taken during a meeting of the panel held at the civic centre in New Delhi.

In the statement issued by the civic body, the SDMC’s standing committee has given its nod to a policy for issuance and renewal of licenses online for household and service industries. The policy had been pending for the last many years.

Shikha Rai, the committee’s chairperson said that for the sanction and renewal of licenses the rules and provisions of the Master Plan of Delhi 2021 will be applicable under which in any sanctioned floor, out of 112 types of household industries, will be allowed over 50 percent of the area wherein 5 KW electricity connection will have to be sanctioned and up to five workers will be allowed to work there.