Land Pooling
Img : housing

In order to add thrust to the urban infrastructure of the state, the UP cabinet has recently given its approval to adopt the land pooling policy against the existing land acquisition process. This will help the authorities to cut down the hurdles involve in the land acquisition process.

Welcoming the move, Kanchan Verma, vice chairperson, GDA said, “The UP government has ordered officials to study the land pooling policy followed in other states like Gujarat and Maharashtra. After understanding it in depth, the government has finally given its approval to employ it across the state.”

“Once done, the development authority will push farmers to part away parcels of agricultural land to create a land pool which will further develop from agricultural holdings to urban infrastructure to cater to the needs of growing urbanisation, including housing” added Verma.

She further said that this will help the authorities as well as the government to save money and time involves in the land acquisition process.

As per the land pooling policy, the authority will utilize 40% of the land in developing basic amenities and rest 40% will be handed over to the landowners in the ratio contributed in the pool after appropriating costs of infrastructure and public/shared spaces but it should not be less than 25%. However, the remaining 20% of the developed land will be vended to development authority so as to recuperate infrastructure and basic amenities cost.

Verma also added that at present there are over 350 infrastructure projects stuck across the state due to delay in land acquisition. Hence the decision of the cabinet to adopt the land pooling policy will give a boost to the overall state infrastructure.