Solar Enabled Homes
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Solar Energy – This new-age power generation concept has created a buzz around us. In fact, this terminology has taken the real estate sector by a roll and is leaving a positive impact on people at large. The ease of electricity production and the environment-friendly nature of this energy have inspired the developers to introduce solar-enabled homes across the country.

This concept gained huge popularity among the homebuyers as people are aware of the importance to save the planet earth.

Salient Features of Solar Power

Easy Installation – The solar panels have the flexibility to fit in any area. The amount of power consumption decides the number of power grids requirement for any project. Also, the panels are set up on the rooftop and thus do not disturb the natural moving flow or prohibit entry to any area.

Budget-Friendly – The solar panel installation is a cost-efficient idea in the long-term. This power production system brings down the electricity bill as the cost of power generation is also lower when solar energy is used.

Eco-friendliness – Solar power is the best option to breath in the clean and fresh air. The grids produce lesser carbon emission in comparison to the diesel generators that are widely used in the residential area to create power backup.

Govt-Encourages Solar Power Installation 

The Government of India is emphasizing to increase the use of solar power. The introduction of various subsidies, incentives and buyback schemes by the Union Government has given a new home building concept to the Indian real estate sector.

The introduction of various financial and tax-beneficial programmes is encouraging the usage of solar power. You can also earn from the installation of solar panel by participating in the buyback scheme. For example, the power generation is 10 units and the consumption requirements stand at 6 units only then you can sell the remaining 4 units to the Government.

A Mumbai-based leading realtor installed solar power system in its integrated township and allow the use of solar power in the common areas. After reviewing per unit cost of solar power, the developer has now decided to set up solar farms to fulfill the total power consumption in the residential projects.

Future of Solar Energy

The one-time investment in solar panel lets you enjoy several advantages lifelong. The lower electricity bills, small power production cost and earning from the solar panels has set the stage for technology-enabled homes in India.

Thus, the proposals to set up solar cities across India will soon be a reality and the Indian property market is already being the architect of solar-enabled homes.

Road to Energy Independence 

Solar energy has its limitations such as the protection of grids from dust and the placement of solar in the precise area where it can’t be overshadowed. But, the smart implementation of this energy source can definitely make the atmosphere more liveable as the air quality will be too good and the least cost of power bills and power production will decrease the cost of living.

All these factors will make India an independent user of clean and cost-efficient energy named Solar.