Social Media for Real Estate: What used to be an industry that entirely depended on cold calling and traditional marketing has now evolved to become an industry that relies heavily on social media marketing.  

There were times when hoardings, newspaper ads, even tv ads were enough to flip the houses. With technological advancement and the customer base moving online, social media for real estate became important. 

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It would not be easy to convince a buyer by showing a handful of Facebook posts or tweets, but having a rock-solid media strategy and social media’s right presence can fetch you outstanding results.

Social media is an outright goldmine for the real estate industry and, in the present time, makes an essential element in the decision-making process.

Whether you’re starting from scratch or want to learn how to win further leads using social media, we’ve got you covered with our complete guide on using social media for real estate business.

How to market real estate business on social media platforms?

Well, it won’t be an understatement to say that social media has transfigured the real estate industry. 

According to the National Association of Realtors, about 77% of real estate businesses use social media for marketing. Facebook is by far one of the most in-demand and preferred platforms for real estate, followed by LinkedIn and Instagram. 99% of millennials prefer to do their home search online. Now, this makes it essential to have an excellent social media strategy.

Top 4 social media marketing platforms

1- Facebook for Real Estate

Facebook is the most dominant social media platform, especially for the home-buyers and sellers. The main reason being, Facebook’s user demographics represent the TG for a real estate business and helps you get a detailed level of targeting. 

Posts with relevant images and videos work the best on Facebook, so be sure to use the most captivating visuals along with every post you create. 

Those who are getting started and don’t have enough social media following must understand that the Facebook algorithm favors those posts that get a lot of engagement. So, try to make your content, not just saleable but also engaging. For that, you can ask questions to get comments or share content where your audience is likely hanging out. 

Another vital aspect to keep in mind is the Facebook ads. They allow you to directly target the users who have shown interest in purchasing a property in your nearby area. 

2- Instagram for Real Estate

Another flourishing social media platform for the real estate business is Instagram. And I guess we all know why. Driven primarily by attractive pictures, videos along with beautifully written content, this platform is less about the conversation and more about engaging and attracting your target audience through visuals you share.

A single post on Instagram can consist of a series of images of the property; this will gravitate your audience. Apart from uploading pictures on your business account, another feature is Instagram stories; this can provide quick-look property updates every day.

3- LinkedIn for Real Estate

LinkedIn is the go-to place to connect with a group of professionals. This platform is primarily for the B2B network, which means it isn’t necessarily to target real estate clients. 

Also, organically growing your following is not easy to achieve on LinkedIn. One can use the platform to network with fellow realtors, and the successful realtors can tap into their well-established sphere of influence.

4- YouTube for Real Estate

Over the years, YouTube has garnered popularity among the masses. This platform provides a 360-degree virtual tour of the property and shows them the locality they’re going to stay. 

Most realtors are adopting 3D animated videos or getting professional videography to give a virtual tour of the house these days. It helps the customer in making a better decision.

Now, no matter what platforms you, remember these handy tips:

  • Do mention your address, area of service, and hours of your business operation in all your social media account bios.
  • Make sure you have enough Call To Action on your page, including call now, schedule a meeting, link to your official website, etc.
  • Try keeping it professional, and don’t go over the board regarding your share content. Keep it informative and engaging and focus on quality content.

Effective ways to craft a social media content strategy for real estate

Realtors are well aware that their work cannot be limited to just selling the property to be successful. Instead, generating leads using attractive marketing campaigns is critical to succeeding in the ever-growing real estate business.

Now that we know which all platforms should be the priority let’s learn about the types of real estate social media posts that are more captivating.

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1- Property photos

The best way to ace the social media game is to have stunning, high-resolution property photos. 

Great pictures help gravitate the viewers and motivate them for Call to Action. However, make sure that your image has a copy that “sells” the property and must have all the required details of the property along with the contact information. 

2- Client Testimonials

The best way to get more customers on board is by showcasing your success stories to your prospects. 

The more you try to gain their trust by providing them the proof of your satisfied clients, the more would be your chances of cracking the deal. Such posts double up the opportunities and deliver a sense of social proof and authenticity of your business. 

3- Market News

Being consistent and active is the key to run your real estate business on social media. From industry reports, advice to helpful tips, news updates, make sure you keep your clients and prospects updated with the latest happenings to win their trust and make them believe that you’re an active participant. 

4- Home Décor and Other Tips

Succeeding social media for real estate journey gauging the interaction level is essential. Once you’ve achieved the awareness goal and made your presence on social media, keeping your followers engaged is a challenge in real estate social media marketing.

You can post content about home décor and renovation ideas or inspiration guides; this will help engage both the prospective buyers and your past clients. 

How to grow followers base on social media for real estate?

After discussing all the platforms and their significance, it’s time to learn how to grow and sustain your following. Here are some key takeaways:

  • – Manage multiple social accounts.
  • – Keep your eyes wide open and analyze the performance of your activities.
  • – Promote your social media for real estate accounts anywhere and everywhere you can. Just make sure the platform is relevant.
  • – The best way to win a prospective home buyer is by chatting and responding to them quickly.
  • – Join the local real estate groups on Facebook and use the Facebook Marketplace to advertise your properties.
  • – Make use of the paid social media marketing and market your product smartly to reach your target audience (TG) 

Final Takeaway

Social media for real estate has become a significant element in every realtor’s marketing strategy. It has instant engagement, targeted advertising, and brand-boosting. With our go-to guide on real estate marketing ideas, you can craft a social media strategy that caters to sellers and buyers, and you can increase your follower base, engage them, and bring more business. 

With every business moving towards online marketing, it has created an enormous impact and has completely changed how the realtors used to market their business earlier. It has forced the companies to be proactive and more customized to their audience. 

Given that social media has instant engagement, you still need to have little patience with the results. But once established, social media will be your most significant sales-driving source.  Social media marketing for real estate can be challenging, but there with various tools available, the realtors can maximize their reach with minimum hard work and more smart work. Optimize your ads and boosts your social media posts, and you’d witness better performance on social posts.