Sky VillaWho doesn’t want to enjoy premium luxury with complete privacy and exclusive services? Everyone! With the changing trend in the Indian real estate market, developers these days to attract the hi-class luxury segment are experimenting a lot with the designing and architecture of residential units. The main aim is to provide them maximum amenities in a private environment to the uber-class. The increasing demand for Sky villa is a perfect example in this segment. With this blog, let’s understand the concept of this global trend in detail:

Sky Villa: Meaning and Concept

A Sky Villa is a unique mix of the villa and an apartment in a single residential unit. This housing concept is very much popular among the up-class millennials in other parts of the world. However, with an increasing interface and changing trend, today the Indian Millennials or the HNIs are also attracted towards these private luxury homes and hence this concept is taking over the Indian Realty Market.

A sky villa is a big villa apartment particularly spanning on an entire floor of a building or two or more floor. The design and architecture of these villas are brilliantly-crafted with mesmerizing features and high-end amenities which are best for those seeking a king-size lifestyle.

Sky Villa: Amenities and Facilities

Most of the Sky Villa redefines the amenities that are provided in a penthouse or a duplex apartment. These amenities are much luxurious and at the same time opulent in nature which is the true embodiment of a high-end residential unit. However, some of the common amenities which mostly all the developers include in a sky villa are private gardens, plunge pools, sundecks, home theatre lounge, mini gym, master bedroom with walk-in closets, electronic surveillance, and concierge on call.

Although, the amenities provided in these sky villas are based on exclusivity and the individuality of the buyer, unlike penthouse, here the services and facilities are shared by every family of the tower.

Sky Villa: The Pricing

Due to the presence of such extravagant amenities, these villas cost higher than the normal penthouses or an independent villa. However, affluent business persons, as well as HNIs, love to spend such a hefty amount for a single villa. Because of this, the Indian builder community is coming up with some exclusive units in some of their projects in cities Mumbai, Delhi-NCR, Goa, and Kerela. The starting price of the sky villas are in the range of 4-5 crores and it goes to a maximum of 40 crores.  

Some of the premium projects in this segment are Gables by the Bay – Goa, SKYDHAM Sky Villas – Mumbai, Azalea – Thrissur, Central Park Sky villas-Gurgaon, etc.

Sky Villa: The Future

In India, the luxury market segment has witnessed a major leap in last few years. The main reason behind this rise is due to the growth of HNIs, increased focus from NRIs along with stringent reforms as well as transparent policies.

Apart from this, increased exposure to global lifestyle is also the main reason behind the augmented focus of uber-class homebuyers in this residential asset. Although, it is a niche real estate segment, the pace at which the demand for such homes is growing, the future potential of sky villas is lucrative especially when in the investment section.