vastu tips for kitchen
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Vastu Tips For Kitchen: Are you busy making your dream home these days? First, make sure that you have enough knowledge in vastu Shastra. However, making a home according to vastu consists of many pieces of research and efforts, as the vastu Shastra has precise rules for each place in your home. For instance, vastu Shastra has some specific rules for the kitchens too! You can’t deny that the kitchen is one of the essential parts of any home. Therefore, you must make your kitchen according to the vastu Shastra to boost positivity in your home. 

Things To Consider While Making The Kitchen

While planning for the kitchen, the first thing that you must consider is the place where should be kitchen as per vastu. Additionally, you can consider the vastu colours for kitchen, a few ideas on vastu for kitchen utility area, and some ideas on vastu for kitchen sink and stove. These are the primary things that you must take care of during the construction work of your home. 

Once you’re done with the primary things, you can now plan the placements of each little utility in the kitchen and choose a few effective vastu plants for kitchen. However, if you wish to get everything done as per vastu Shastra and willing to have some more ideas on this topic, below are the 5 effective vastu tips for kitchen that you can check out for sure!

Vastu Tips for Kitchen #1: Planning the Layout

vastu tips for kitchen
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Well! while constructing the kitchen, if you have enough freedom in deciding where should be kitchen as per vastu, you’re fortunate enough! You can select the southeast corner to construct your kitchen. The southeast corner is the best-suited place for the kitchens, as vastu suggests. However, if you have any restrictions for the southeast corner, you can choose the southwest corner to build up the kitchen.

Vastu Tips for Kitchen #2: Planning the Entrance

vastu tips for kitchen
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Planning for a proper directional entrance for the kitchen is essential while making your kitchen according to Vastu Shastra. However, as per the Vastu experts, the kitchen entrance should be in the east or north direction to get the best benefits. 

Vastu Tips for Kitchen #3: Vastu Colours for Kitchen

vastu colours for kitchen
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While choosing the vastu colours for kitchen, it is important to choose vibrant colours so that the kitchen area doesn’t look gloomy in any manner. You can choose any bright color like Green, Orange, Yellow, and so on for your kitchen’s walls and ceiling area. However, you have to keep in mind that the colour of your kitchen shouldn’t be dark in any manner. 

Vastu Tips for Kitchen #4: Vastu for Kitchen Sink and Stove

vastu for kitchen sink and stove
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The kitchen stove and sink are the main elements in the kitchen that you’ll accept. Therefore, choosing the proper direction of vastu for kitchen sink and stove is also an important part according to vastu for kitchen utility area. The most auspicious direction of these two important elements is the same as the direction of the kitchen. Therefore, make sure that you selected the southeast corner for them to get the best results. Apart from that, the direction of the vastu for kitchen utility area will be the same as the direction of the kitchen. 

Vastu Tips for Kitchen #5: Vastu Plants for Kitchen

Choosing a few vastu plants for kitchen and keeping them in the kitchen can bring happiness to your home, as vastu suggests. You can choose to keep any indoor herbal plants in your kitchen. However, keeping the Tulsi plant is the best. This herbal plant helps detoxify by absorbing all the negative energies from home. But make sure to place the plants in front of your kitchen window so that they can generate positive energies.

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Well, as you have gone through the whole topic, now you’re better prepared to make your kitchen according to vastu shastra. You know where should be kitchen as per vastu and also how to keep it organized. With vastu shastra in mind making every part of your dream home is eminently important. The kitchen of your home is not an exception. So, make every corner of your home as vastu suggests, and assure never-ending happiness in your home forever!