Rental Home
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Have you just finalized your new rental home and all set to shift there? But wait, have you checked everything about the new rented property, its pros, and cons, construction quality, landlord behaviour, etc. As once you will enter into the newly rented apartment, you cannot shift immediately due to the hefty advance rent or security deposit paid beforehand.

So to avoid any last minute hassles, it is always advised to carefully inspect each and every detail about the rented property. Here are some of the important points which you as a tenant must check before entering into the new rental flat:

Location Research is Must

While looking for a rental flat, check each and every detail about the locality first. It must be closer to your workplace or college and must have good connectivity so that you can save on your transportation cost. Also, look for other infrastructural developments like proximity to hospitals, banks, ATMs, entertainment centers, malls, etc.

In case you are a women tenant, look for safety and security feature like CCTV surveillance system, etc.

Go through Rental Agreement

After finalising the flat, a rental agreement is made between the landlord and the tenant. Carefully check all the details like tenure of rent, a clause of leaving the home, etc. A rental agreement also upholds the right of a tenant like no interference in the private life, timings, visitor’s entry, etc.

If there is any discrepancy make it correct immediately.

Cost of Shifting

Before shifting, make a comprehensive list of all the expenses which you have to bear. These costs include shifting amount, security deposit, advance rent, broker fee, etc.

Check Furnishings

If you are moving into a fully-furnished apartment, check whether all the furniture and furnishings are in the right condition or not. If no, ask the landlord to change it before you shift.

Check other Facilities

In case you are moving into a semi furnished or unfurnished flat, then also you must check all the basic facilities like bathroom accessories, kitchen accessories, switch buttons, any seepage in the home or leakage in the bathroom, etc.

You should also check the doors and windows and ask of repairs if any.

Apart from interiors, you should also check the outside of the flat like a drainage system, etc.

Check Meters

These days every home has separate meters for electricity, water as well as gas. Note all the readings beforehand so that when the first bill arrives you can correlate with the numbers accordingly.

Background Check of Landlord

Last but not the least, before shifting you must carefully check the background of the landlord in the criminal as well as public records. You can also have a talk with the neighbours about the previous tenants and their relationship with the landlords. Also, check whether the property is not involved in any legal case.

Following these handy tips can help you in a hassle-free shifting.