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After facing difficulties in commutation, the senior citizens are demanding for a bridge that will connect Sector 51 station of Noida Metro’s Aqua Line with the metro station of Sector 52 a blue line metro station of Delhi metro.

The Aqua line metro is a 29.7-km long stretch and runs between Sector 51 and Depot stations. On the other hand, the blue line metro is the longest route of Delhi metro and it runs from Dwarka Sector 21 to the Electronic City, Noida. The blue has an interchanging station at Yamuna bank the metro is also destined to end at Vaishali, Ghaziabad.

Presently, the commuters are required to make an exit at Sector 51 station and then need to walk approximately 200 metres on an under-construction road to reach the Blue Line metro station at Sector 52, one of the commuters said.

The commuters also said that getting entry in the blue line metro is a time consuming process as the walking on the under construction road is not easy especially in this scorching heat. Thus, the Noida Metro Rail Corporation is requested to consider the demand for constructing a bridge to connect the two stations.

The Noida metro authority also received suggestions on the same by the commuters as one of them said that I do not understand why the Noida Metro Rail Corporation is causing such a big trouble to senior citizens and women travelling with children, to walk on a road to board the Blue Line. They must build a bridge as early as possible.

The Noida Metro Rail Corporation runs free E-rickshaw service at Sector 51 metro station to commute upto the blue line metro station at Sector 52. But, the commuters complain about the non-availability of these rickshaws during the peak hour and even at night.

The commuters also said that the availability of e-rickshaws are inadequate. One cannot wait for them during peak or late in the night. E-rickshaws provided by Noida metro rail authority ply on the narrow under-construction road.

One of the commuters also said that authorities should have completed all this basic work before starting the metro services. The non-friendly connectivity between the Aqua and blue line metro makes travel difficult for thousands of metro riders every day.