Online Registry Facility in Ludhiana
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The South Delhi Municipal Corporation’s standing committee sanctioned the policy for issuance and renewal of licenses online for household and service industries, the civic body informed. This decision was taken during a meeting of the panel held at the civic centre in New Delhi.

In the statement issued by the civic body, the SDMC’s standing committee has given its nod to a policy for issuance and renewal of licenses online for household and service industries. The policy had been pending for the last many years.

Shikha Rai, the committee’s chairperson said that for the sanction and renewal of licenses the rules and provisions of the Master Plan of Delhi 2021 will be applicable under which in any sanctioned floor, out of 112 types of household industries, will be allowed over 50 percent of the area wherein 5 KW electricity connection will have to be sanctioned and up to five workers will be allowed to work there.

She was also quoted saying, prior to this, up to 2010 only ground floor’s 25 percent area was allowed for setting up a household industry. Henceforth, the same can be established over 50 percent area on any floor.

The South Delhi Municipal Corporation also said that it is essential that the owner must reside in the building where a household industry is being set up. The authority also said that, pollution-generating household industries will be prohibited. Further, fire-prone material will not be allowed to be stored in the house. For sanction of license, it will be essential to have a separate single-phase industrial electricity connection.

The authority cleared that the household industry will not be allowed in group housing societies but will be given permission in Janta Flats and the license shall be valid for a single financial year which could be then renewed.

Rai, the Committee Chairperson, further added that the household industries to be set up under the new policy will create employment opportunities for thousands of people and will pave the way for economic prosperity of a large number of families.

The SDMC also said that a person has to deposit Rs. 1,000 as a processing fee, a proof of identity, ownership of the building and a copy of electricity bill and other required documents to the submission of online application.

The allowed household industries include agarbatti-making, medicines other than allopathic, electronic items, sewing machine, typewriter, Atta Chakki, biscuit, candles, sweets, jute products, computer software, UPS, PVC, khadi and handloom, photosetting, pan masala, zardozi and toys manufacturing.

Apart from the urban area, nine types of household industries are allowed in the village area and admissible industries include plaster of Paris, clay products and wood-carving.