solar energy
Img : azurepower

In a recent big development, the South Delhi Municipal Corporation (SDMC) claimed that it has become the ‘first’ civic body in the country to generate solar energy by installing rooftop panels over its 55 buildings. The civic body has also earned a huge amount of money in three months by exporting surplus power to BSES.

According to a senior SDMC official, “As much as 2500 KW peak solar power is being generated from the rooftop panels installed in 54 schools and a community center in South Delhi. We have also earned Rs 9.69 lakh by selling its surplus power to distribution company BSES after consumption in its own buildings.”

Amal Sinha, CEO of BSES given a cheque of the balance amount to the SDMC Commissioner Dr Puneet Kumar Goel in a meeting which took place last week. After the meeting, a statement was also released by SDMC which said that that the civic body has invested12 crore in setting up of solar energy panels which will be recovered in just five years.

SDMC Commissioner Puneet Kumar Goel also said that around 3.14 lakh units were generated, out of which 2 lakh units have been sold after internal consumption of 1.14 lakh units.

Moreover, the corporation will further install solar panels over rooftops of its 111 buildings by June 2018 and in 400 buildings by June 2019.

With such kind of initiative, the SDMC has set an example for other civic bodies to create and install solar panels in their respective areas too and focus more on solar powered energy than other types of energy resources.