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India has got the opportunity to offer solutions to various problems which arise due to the rapidly growing urbanization. Both Delhi and Mumbai will participate in the international competition organized by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors [RICS] in association with UNESCO and the Association of Commonwealth Universities. In this competition, the young people have to come up with practically possible ideas to solve the problems that are affecting people’s lives in 24 cities of South Asia and across the world.

The Delhi team has to offer feasible ideas to minimize the number of slum dwellers in the city. On the other hand, Mumbai has to come up with solutions to protect the coastal cities like itself from the frequently increasing threat of flooding.

The population is rapidly growing in the urban cities and according to RICS, this migration is equal to the total population of Greater Manchester, England. Thus, the poor living in urban cities fails to experience the available infrastructural services.

The 150-year old Royal Institution feels that we can transform the world into a better living place by working on the innovative and practical ideas of the young brains.