Rental Accommodation
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Young professionals who have just started their career always get confused when it comes to finding a place to stay. Due to non-stable work location and limited financial capacity, it is always advisable to look for a rental accommodation, which they can choose as per their own spending capacity.

Renting an apartment is always a good option as it does not require much investment. According to realty experts, “Rental homes are a good alternative, for people who need flexibility and cannot afford to pay the EMIs for purchasing a home. Typically, India has low rents as a percentage of capital value, ranging from 2% to 3%.”

However, career starters can also look for rental accommodations which are close to their offices. It not only saves their time but also money which is spent on commuting.

Advantages of rental home

  • If your job location is not permanent, then rental accommodations are the best option.
  • With a rental home, you can also save money to buy a home in future or for other expenses like vacations, marriage etc.
  • You don’t have to pay hefty maintenance amount.
  • One can also choose a location that offers good lifestyle and amenities.

Things to keep in mind while searching for a rental home:

  • Always look for a home where you have to pay lower deposit amount which fits your budget.
  • Always avoid such rental homes that demand high maintenance charges.
  • Always try to find such homes which are closer to your workplace and also has good connectivity and transportation.
  • Try not to go for a fully furnished apartment as their monthly rent is more as compared to unfurnished ones. Carry your own furniture and other belongings every time you shift to a new home.
  • PG is also a good option if you are unable to find a rental home within your budget.
  • Don’t buy a rental home whose location is not good, especially if your working hours are late and you are women professional.
  • Always double- check the basic amenities like water, electricity supply and security.

Hence, renting an apartment is always an ideal option for a young professional who has just started his/her career.