Renovate your house perfectly
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When it comes to renovating your house, the first thing which bothers any owner is the cost associated with it. But how can we forget those ‘antiques’ lying our garage so far which can accommodate these refurbishments thus contributing to lowering the expenses? Let us follow few techniques that will help us renovate our house ‘perfectly’. Here are some do’s and don’t that you need to follow while picking up such ‘antiques’ from your hoard:

Treasure them anyway –

A Beautiful Sconce

Usually, you find it in the bathroom; this Edison bulb will fit perfectly in your laundry room and will give you a perfect sense of accomplishment. Yes, we are talking about this porcelain sconce.

Wall Scone
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Paint Chips

Use it as a color swatch. Yes, it’s time to remove the Old paint.

Paint Chips
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Faucet Handle

Let’s move to your kitchen and replace your old handle with this ideal dish towel hanging Faucet Handle.

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Another mandate for every kitchen is the sink. Spotting a soap sink in your basement will work wonders as of part of refurbishing your kitchen with it.

kitchen sink
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Bookcase that is Built-in

Spotted a bookshelf in the garage and it’s time to re-use it as a potting nook.

Book Shelf
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Door that Never Set you Bore

It’s a time to put back that door which was crafted out of heavy brass and is original to the house. Let’s polish it from every nook and corner and it’s time to place it again!

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Time to knock them off:


These are surely meant for the old world. No point to continue with them as they involve loads of clang as well as whistling.

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Switch Plate

Knock this push-button option as they are not required anymore in the era of Wi-fi. Let’s sweep along with the technological advancements around.

Switch Plate
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These simple revamps will definitely give your house a ‘spectacular’ look as you desire!