Mix Use Development
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The mix use development is the new terminology in the Indian real estate sector. This is a concept to make life easy and hassle-free as the availability of home, grocery shop, entertainment arcade, relaxation arena and marketplace under one roof let a person fulfill all the necessities without going anywhere outside the residential premises.

In fact, the trend to have both residential and retail arena under one roof is gaining demand among the homebuyers in India and thus the developers are also taking a chance to bring in such projects. In fact, this concept is taken as an opportunity to offer a business class and opulent look to the regular township projects that have shops either at the ground level or the basement.

So, here in this blog post, we are listing the reasons that make investment in the mix use development a worthy decision.

  1. Perfect Living Address for Working Couples

The biggest advantage of owning a home in the mix use development is having daily needs at the distance of your hand. The working couple finds life difficult at times as the grocery shopping slips from the mind while running behind their busy schedule. In these cases, owning a home in the mix use development project comes to rescue as you can get things within minutes even if it gets a bit late.

  1. Hassle-Free Connectivity

Another reason to invest in the mix use development is the hassle-free commutation to multiple places along with the regular travel between home and the workplace. These intelligent townships with retail space are mostly planned to be built at strategic locations from where the entire city can be travel without getting stuck in the long traffic snarls. For example, the township is located 0 kms away from the metro station,  5 minutes walkable distance from cab/shuttle pick/drop point, 10 minutes away from educational institutions and healthcare centres.

  1. Budget-Friendly Approach

Owning a home is not a small thing as almost the entire hard-earned money goes into down payment, property registration, etc and thus every other expense gets slashed. But, the availability of retail shops in the township premises allows you to enjoy shopping at times. Also, the brand outlets in the vicinity of a township keep things at a distance of your hand. Hence, you get an opportunity to shop even with a tight budget.

  1. Double Benefit

Many homemakers feel to start a business but drop the idea as it becomes a non-feasible project due to work timings and travel issues. But, owning a home and a shop in the mix use development is a smart option as you can earn while living in the same premises and it is also beneficial to gain maximum profit from the business.

  1. Offer Social Security

Life should be full of happiness and the same can be availed if you have a social circle. The conversation with some good friends and people nearby allows you to stay updated about the latest happenings and also ensure social security as you become a known face in the locality.