Realty Developers
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In a recent development, leading real estate developers of Hyderabad has insisted the civic authorities to change the prevailing FSI norms in the city especially alongside the IT hubs. The decision has been taken keeping in mind the current water crisis in various cities like Chennai, Bengaluru that has led the government to intervene in the construction of the projects.

In Hyderabad too, the Madhapur-HITEC City belt is facing a shortage of water. As per the latest survey, it has gone down to over 13 metres below ground level from 10 meters in the past. This has raised concern among the developers who at present are constructing projects on unlimited FSI norm.

According to a real estate expert, “In India, the average FSI hovers in the 2 to 2.5 range. Cities like Bangalore follow a fixed FSI (average of 2.5), still, they are facing a water crisis. So, imagine what will happen to Hyderabad if such unlimited FSI continues for another 10 years. Obviously, the results will be disastrous.”

Speaking on the above amendment, a leading developer said that the government must roll out the asked modification soon. Lack of a cap on FSI is turning into a nuisance and making the available infrastructure inadequate. He said this, keeping in mind the snarling traffic jams in the HITECH city and surrounding IT belts of the Hyderabad.

Another one said that currently, the norms must be regulated for the HITECH city. Areas such as Shamshabad can still go with unlimited FSI but for a flourishing IT Belt, it is a must.

Seeing the current conditions, even some leading developers have started keeping a check on FSI during any development.