Solar Rooftops
Img : wikimedia

An affordable housing project named Serampore is likely to be the second-largest in housing solar rooftop globally with a power generation of more than 1.5 MW. This will be ranked at the second position after the installation of first rooftop solar housing in New Town, Kolkata.

Today a maximum number of realtors are planning to opt for solar rooftop in their residential projects and this leaning towards the solar power is due to its increasing business opportunity and consumers demand. The reason to take interest in solar power is to provide ample electricity in common areas and solar energy plays an important role in reducing maintenance charges.

In Serampore, the residential project of 30 lakh sq. ft. on a 23acre plot is likely to use 2 lakh sq. ft. roof area in the 24 G+12 towers for the production of 1.5 MW electricity.

According to a solar power expert this installation of solar power will produce 90 % electricity for the common area, including the club, elevators, sewage treatment plant, pumps, staircase, landing lights and street lights. This will also save Rs 1.25 crore per year. Also, the maintenance charges will come down to Rs 1 per sq. ft. which will make these affordable homes affordable in a true sense.

Earlier, the New Town Kolkata Development Authority has collected property tax of Rs. 20 crores only in two and a half months of implementing the UAA i.e. the unit area assessment based property tax collection system. This system was implemented in new Town Kolkata from 1st April. According to the records, only 18,000 property taxpayers have submitted the charges for the same out of a total of 40,000.