Affordable Homes
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DTCP i.e. the department of town and country planning issued a statement that the realtors cannot ask for external development charges [EDC] from the home buyers owning a unit under the affordable group housing [AGH] as the allotment rates of affordable homes include EDC. Whereas the Central, State and local taxes are separate from this and are chargeable.

The allotment rates for the Affordable group housing are prefixed and the same are applicable in Gurugram also. The order passed by DTCP also directs developers to refund the money they have charged to the buyer of affordable units in the name of EDC [External Development Charge] other than the government-prescribed rates.

The directions came from K Makrand Pandurang, director, DTCP, Haryana after receiving complaints from AGH owners against builders accusing them of demanding EDC after acquiring licenses under the affordable group housing policy of 2013 apart from the allotment rates prescribed in Clause 5(I) of the policy.

The fixed rate including EDC for affordable housing is Rs 4,000 per sq. ft. in Gurugram, Faridabad, Panchkula, Pinjore and Kalka. The same costs Rs 3,600 per sq. ft. in Sonipat and Panipat. It costs Rs 3,000 per sq. ft. in Mewat and Sirsa.

Although, the developers can charge Rs 500 per sq. ft. for balcony within or outside premises of an apartment unit. The order also clarifies that central taxes like GST and taxes imposed by the State Government or local authorities are different and the homeowners under AGH have to pay them.