rajkot municipal corporation house tax
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Rajkot is one of the most popular cities in Gujarat in terms of facilities, infrastructure, and systematic taxation system. If you have newly settled in Rajkot and owned a dream home there, you must know the process of paying Rajkot Municipal Corporation House Tax. The RMC is Solely responsible for collecting Rajkot Municipal Corporation House Tax from the homeowner every year. Here in this article, we will guide you through the process with which you can make payments for Rajkot Municipal Corporation Property Tax without facing any difficulties. So, read on to explore the proper processes and pay property taxes within the due date.

The Procedures of Paying Rajkot Municipal Corporation Property Tax

  • If you have properties in Rajkot, you are liable to pay property taxes every year to the RMC.
  • You Can pay the property taxes online or you can visit RMC authorized offices for paying taxes.
  • The calculation of Rajkot Municipal Corporation House Tax depends on the total carpet area you owned as your property.
  • Apart from the carpet area, 4 other factors have impacts on calculating tax. They are as follows:
  • The location of your property.
  • The age of the structure.
  • Occupancy factor. (Whether the taxpayer is an owner or a tenant)
  • The nature of the usage of the property. (Whether residential or commercial)
  • RMC has prepared a self-assessment link for the taxpayers. You can visit (https://enagar.gujarat.gov.in/) for assessment of your taxes.
  • There are some scenarios where you can be issued notices for delayed payment of your tax. In such scenarios, you’ll be charged an interest of 18%, and an education cess of 25%, and a notice fee of 0.50% as a penalty.

Documents Required for Rajkot Municipal Corporation House Tax

Well, a few necessary documents are needed while paying property taxes in Rajkot. Below is the list of documents you need to have at the time of paying taxes.

  1. Photo identity proof of the property owner/s
  2. Proof of residential address of the property owner/s (If present and permanent address differs)
  3. Pan card of the property owner/s
  4. The unique number of the owned property (The current assessment of the owned property)
  5. Previous bill number with which the taxes were paid last year. (You’ll get it in the last payment receipt)

Offline Payment Process of Rajkot Municipal Corporation House Tax

In case you have decided to pay Rajkot Municipal Corporation House Tax by visiting the authorized offices of RMC, below are the steps you need to follow for the same.

  • The RMC may provide the final assessment of the taxes. If they don’t provide the same, you can make an assessment of your taxes by using the KMC portal.
  • While visiting the RMC office, don’t forget to carry all the relevant documents as stated above. The documents will be needed during processing your tax payment.
  • Submit all the necessary documents to the officer in charge and wait for their confirmation as they will check the authenticity of the documents before processing your application.
  • Once you get the nod from their end, they will ask you to make the necessary payments at the respective counter.
  • Once you have made the payment of Rajkot Municipal Corporation House Tax, collect the original receipt for further reference. The original payment receipt will be needed again during your next year’s documentation.

Online Payment Process of Rajkot Municipal Corporation House Tax

Likewise offline payment, you can pay Rajkot Municipal Corporation House Tax online as well. Below is the step-by-step guide with which you can pay your house tax payment online Rajkot with the ease of your home. Please have a look to understand the process.

Step 1 – First open the RMC portal from your PC.

Step 2 – Then click on “online services”. You’ll get this option at the top left corner of the RMC portal.

Step 3 – After clicking the “online services”, you will get the “property tax payment” option under the “property tax” box. Click on “property tax”.

Step 4 – After opening the “property tax” tab, you need to put your property number. Then click on the “show amount payable” option.

Step 5 – Upon clicking the payable option, you’ll get all the details of your property tax.

Step 6 – Now if the details are appropriate then click ok. You’ll be redirected to a new secure page for making payment of Rajkot Municipal Corporation House Tax.

Step 7 – Now you can make your tax payments by using any of the convenient payment options of your choice.

Step 8 – Once the payment process is complete, don’t forget to collect the e-receipt of the payment you made for further reference.


Well, being a good citizen of India, it is your responsibility to pay taxes on time. If you are residing in Rajkot, now you are well aware of the necessary documents and the processes of paying Rajkot Municipal Corporation House Tax with both available channels. However, it is strongly recommended that you try to pay your taxes online. If you opt for online payment of your taxes, you can save your time and you can even save yourself from the effects of the deadly pandemic situation.