Raised Bed Gardening
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Bored with the regular garden design and looking for new ways of planting greens at home? If yes, then this blogpost is surely for you. This article lets you know about the latest gardening trend which is Raised-Bed. So, first know what it is and then scroll the page to view different sort of raised bed garden ideas.

The raised bed is an artificial environment where one makes use of a carton, tire tube, wooden plank or a metal box to plant greens. Here you must consider the container’s depth as the raised bed requires 3-4 inch hollow space for the sowing of plants seed/bulb.

Car Tire Raised Beds – Add style to your garden arena by keeping flowerpots in the tire raised bed. Paint up the car tires in multiple colours and plant greens in them. You can either keep the flowerpot inside this raised bed else cover the open space of the tire with hardboard/wooden plank to make it a perfect place for growing plants.

Car Tire Raised Beds
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Wine Barrel Raised Bed – You can either dig them in the garden area or else make them stand with the support of four wooden planks. Grow the plants/herbs you like and witness the beautiful looking greens everyday as they dazzle with sunrays since morning till the sunset.

Wine Barrel Raised Bed
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Round Raised Bed – Add extra planting space near trees in the garden and fill it up with the round raised bed. Plant beautiful looking seasonal flowers in circular-shaped raised bed and make the garden area look awesome.

Round Raised Bed
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Mutli-level Raised Bed – This multi-level raised bed let you grow different species of greens including the seasonal ones. You can customize this item as per the desired shape and size. Also installing a water fountain near this raised bed will offer an opulent look to the entire place.

Mutli-level Raised Bed
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Carton Raised Bed – Collect the cartons and place them in a particular design. You can place them in the open area else the creation of an artificial wall with hanged milk cartons is also a nice way to grow greens. Remember to place a plastic in the carton before filling soil in it.

Carton Raised Bed
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Plastic Raised Bed – Get these quick to install raised beds as they come with fitting space. These are easy to fix, use, clean and wash. So, try placing these beds inside the porch, garden or any other open area. Choose from a wide range of colours including blue, black, grey, brown and white.

Plastic Raised Bed
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