Raipur Municipal Corporation
Img : patrika

In a recent meeting, the Raipur Municipal Corporation [RMC] took the decision to keep the tax rates unchanged. The Raipur Municipal Corporation property tax corporation has decided not to collect rates based on the GIS survey. Thus, the tax rates remained unchanged.

The corporation took this decision in the council meeting as the councillors of the opposition raised concern over irregularities in the GIS survey and also demanded probe into the matter. A Delhi-based firm was hired to carry out a GIS survey.

The Raipur Municipal Corporation general council unanimously passed a resolution and informed that fresh orders are given to collect property tax at rates of 2017-18. The resolution is passed after a discussion between Mayor Pramod Dubey and BJP councillors. The Bhartiya Janta Party is the opposition party in the Raipur Municipal Corporation. 

RMCs BJP deputy leader Ramesh Singh Thakur said that the residents are receiving increased tax notices and this is due to wrong data collection during the GIS survey. Thus he demand probe into the matter to look after the irregularities that is creating problems for the taxpayers.

He further said that the residents seeking tap water connection are being charged for the same on commercial rates.

Praful Vishwakarma, RMC speaker said a decision is yet to be taken on the course of action for those who have already paid the property tax and also directed Mayor Pramod Dubey to explain the situation.

The opposition party also alleged corruption by the ruling party in scrap produced from filter plant. The opposition also alleged that the Congress party failed to fulfill the promises made by them.