Pyramids and Its Benefits for a Happy Home
Img : alicdn

The pyramids are best known for their shape but these amazingly crafted structures also hold a lot of positive vibes. Even being the part of Egyptian culture particularly, these triangular–shaped monumental structures have significance in Vastu Shastra too.

Thus, it is often suggested to place them at home in order to increase health, wealth and overall atmosphere of the abode. Here are the benefits of placing pyramids at home according to Vastu Shastra.

  1. For Young Couples – Place a pyramid in the North-East Corner of your Bedroom and get ready to welcome a little bundle of joy in your life.
  2. Turn Down the Negative Energies – Restrict the effect of black magic by placing one pyramid each on all four corners your home.
  3. Energize Kitchen – Keep a pyramid onto the South West corner in the cooking arena and feel energetic while preparing meals.
  4. Keep Bad Vibes Away – Prevent your home from the evil eye of your guests by placing a pyramid in the North West corner of the home.
  5. Buy-Sell Property – De-stress yourself while selling or buying property by keeping the pyramid in the North West corner of your home. This proves beneficial in sealing a property deal in the least time.
  6. Relax Yourself – Get a crystal clear pyramid for your bedroom and ensure good sleep and peace of mind.
  7. Increase Concentration Boost to your child’s concentration level by placing this ancient-structure onto their study table. A pyramid also helps to focus on work if it is placed on your work desk in the office.
  8. Restrict Negative Energies – Place a pyramid in the living room and kick out the negative energy from your place.
  9. Improves Productivity– The pyramid refreshes the state of mind while working and thus makes the day more productive and energetic.
  10. Have Clear State of Mind – Another benefit of placing this structure at home or a workplace is to get a crystal clear idea of what to do and what not to do.

Use these Vastu Shastra tips and place a pyramid at your home according to the need. This will help you experience happiness like never before.