purple home decor
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Welcome the summer season with new home décor this time. Yes, we suggest you to decorate home with the shades of Purple color as it give an opulent and fresh look to the entire home.

So, here some stunning home décor ideas to enhance the style of your home.

  1. Textured Wall Paint

Highlight a single wall of your living room by choosing the shade of purple color according to the furniture and other home décor items that are kept in here. We also suggest you keep a dark-colored floor lamp in the room to enhance the look of the place.

Textured Wall Paint
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  1. Paint the Chairs

Give your dining area a new look by using lavender or any other shade of purple. Change the chair cover of the dining table with this solid color and enhance the room’s look.

Paint the Chairs
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  1. Master Bedroom Look

Make use of purple shade in the master bedroom. Try to paint different shades and textures of this color in the room while matching the color of your bed and other furniture such as a side table, couch and wardrobe.

Master Bedroom Look
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  1. Dual-Tone for Kids Bedroom

Mix and match the purple color with pink, off-white, blue or any other color of your choice. This will offer a different look to the room instead of the regular plain wall paint shade.

Dual-Tone for Kids Bedroom
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  1. Wardrobe Shades

Paint the wall of the wardrobe section with a slightly dark shade of purple color and define the structure of wardrobe arena by putting up a lighter shade of purple. This will enhance the overall look of the area.

Wardrobe Shades
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  1. Paint it Purple

Style your washroom uniquely this summer. Bring down the temperature by painting the bathing space purple. Also, place some blue/aqua or purple color orchids in the arena and experience the freshness.

Paint it Purple
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